A Girl Activity

girl cook
Every morning I always wake up at 4:30 actively shower and morning prayers and studied briefly, 05:30 AM I'm shopping, cooking, sweeping, washing clothes, wiping the dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, scrubbing clothes etc. the work was completed at 09:30.

At 9:45 I had a shower clean up any unfinished home, usually right-trivial trivial thing that I often forget.

Pad 11:00 I watch tv until at 12: 00.dan midday prayer to 12: 30, then take a nap until 14:30 and then wake up and pray Azhar bath .and to the prayer room to study the book, shorof, nahwu and jurisprudence.

But I do if there is free time and no other activities. then at 05:30 I recite and teach the Koran to children under the age of 13 years.

At 19:30 or after the Koran I watch tv until 20:30 and then sleep, sometimes wake up at 0:30 to pray Tahajjud.

Sometimes also do not do it hehehe ... but otherwise I usually wake benighted, I can not wake up exhausted.

Usually if not wake up then I woke up just as the dawn call to prayer in the mosque. above it aktivity for sure I do every day. I had already begun to actively move inactive I did at the age of 8 years.

But, yet with an uncertain activity eg bathing bicycle outing: p

In fields to harvest the chili. continuously told the parents that this and that it

Activities are uncertain I do every day.

Harvest chili 1 week, 3 days once the bike wash.

EMH ... .There is also still watch tv activities which have certainly I watched and never to lose it. wanna know? namely: watch the show Mario "Golden Ways" on Sunday and Tuesday at 19:00., if not watched the show feels like a lost gold hahahahahah ....

Because every event began the theme must always be different. I also hobbies reading books written by "Billy Boen" but I only have one book whose title 30 secrets of success at a young age.

that's all I can tell you. Do not laugh at me: p

Anita. LW

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