A Useless Story From A Lazy Girl

I'll tell you about my day to day activities during college. Every day I wake up in the morning at 05:00 for morning prayer, after dawn prayers sometimes I took the time to learn first and even then if there is a test in college again, but if not I sleep normally again later woke up again at 7:30, as usual if the clock is shows the time I was laid back relaxing in the room to watch tv. because I am a little bit slacker hahahha.

After time show at 08:00 I immediately shower, after that I always found time every day for breakfast, because the distance between my house not too far away to college I usually leave to go to campus at 8:45 until 8:55 pm on the campus, while 09:00 college is still too close but I always go to class on time, sometimes there is also a lecturer for class at 09:30 so that half an hour free time I used to inquire about lessons last week who did not understand or even I used to chatting with friends, so if the lesson has been started we only focus on the single subject heehee ..

I go home at 12:30 lecture even more often go home at 12:00, I usually always took midday prayers at the small mosque campus after lunch with my friends, if there is a test the next day me and my friends usually study together on campus, with their learning together we can help each other if there is not understood about the lessons we can ask a friend who understands and it greatly simplifies rather than learning alone, but if I was not there the next day my usual class and friends gather together to chat-chat first after classes as refreshing of coursework that accumulate.

If the time is late in the afternoon we all go home, when she reached home I help my mother to clean the house but I sometimes directly back to the room and watch my favorite tv shows that Korean drama in one of the TV stations, usually when the first Korean drama has been completed followed by Korean dramas next it makes me lazy to do any activity if it is in front of the tv (specifically for the Korean drama), I really like anything about anything related to Korean, my hobby now this one sometimes makes me upset my parents often squander the money savings just for a concert of the K-pop artists whose price was for a student quite expensive although the concert in just 3 hours, the money that I collected for months gone just like that, not only that I also often buy magazines, dvd, posters about my idol.

In the evening I usually learn in advance if only one hour, after that I watch tv but if the tv shows are nothing nice I usually fill up free time before bed by listening to music or reading comics / novels if the clock is showing me direct 21:00 back to the room and sleep.

That's my daily activities for inside the home and outside the home, hopefully a little story about my day to day activities can be useful for the reader. THANKS: D