Jake Burton: "Snowboarding is my life, it I refer all energy"

Jake Burton: "Snowboarding is my life, it I refer all energy"
Jake Burton Carpenter was born on April 29, 1954 in New York City (USA) and was already in adolescence an avid sportsman. He successfully completed the school and then joined a business degree from, but he spent most of time in nature and sports. Jake Burton was very athletic and tried many sports out, but when he with a kind of skateboard and a rope than hold down the slopes thundered one day, he suddenly came an unusual idea. The "Snurfer" was actually to dominate only a child's toy in the snow and hardly, but Jake Burton here felt a huge potential.

Jake Burton: "There was the Snurfer. I did the same, the boards must be wider and longer and have some sort of binding "

Since Jake Burton was an avid surfer, he had the idea that you could also practice surfing on the ski slopes with a suitable equipment. He began to tinker and built first bonds in the boards one which he designed wider than the "Snurfer". Jake Burton so drew up over 100 different prototypes, trying to combine the advantages of surfboards and skateboards. At the age of 23 years he founded the company "Burton Snowboards" to its newly developed Snowboards sell professionally. But the success did not come, no one was interested in this new and unusual sports equipment and the company quickly made substantial losses.

Jake Burton: "No shop wanted to buy me the boards. They thought it was a toy "

Jake Burton had to accept part-time jobs in order to obtain his dream of the snowboards alive. During the day he worked as a tennis coach in the evening he gave as a bartender from drinks. Despite the failures he gave his business idea of ​​the winter sports equipment is not on. His apartment he walked around the warehouse and showroom, his garage served as his workshop, where he constantly feilte for the ideal shape of the snowboard. Left to their own, he stuffed his car full of the self-made boards and drove to the ski areas to present his snowboard. He tirelessly drove down any slope to spread his invention. Of the skiers of weird snowboarder was only ridiculed but Jake Burton was not deterred by these taunts.

Jake Burton campaigned continuously for his snowboard and continuously developed it further in order to improve the sliding properties and the maintenance. He visited large ski companies, to learn about new materials, which he then followed for his project. Over time and due to the continuous quality improvements he made it, especially young people with enthusiasm for its snowboards and to increase sales. But Jake Burton and the little snowboarder community had to contend with other problems, because they were in the ski resorts and ski lifts infamous guests were hardly suitable for new sports equipment. So snowboarders at the beginning had many slopes even go up or could be secretly take from groomers to riding down the slopes.

Soon the elevator operators, however, were forced to open its slopes for snowboarders, as more and more snowboarders were on the road at the destinations. Now, the final triumph of this sport was unstoppable, but there was still an overwhelming ski industry. Within a short time they have Jake Burton can displace without problems, but they kept the snowboards only for a short-term market phenomenon. This should prove to be a serious mistake.

Jake Burton developed his company sent to a globally active company further and soon generated millions in sales. "Burton Snowboards" rose to not only one of the largest snowboard manufacturer in the world, but also was able to many famous ski manufacturer outstrip normal.

Jake Burton broke through the invention of the snowboard from a revolution in the mountains. While only a small group of snowboarders was traveling in the early days, this sport has developed in a very short time to amateur sport with millions of followers. Jake Burton was his snowboard become a legend in winter sports, because he never let himself be beaten by pessimists and powerful ski companies. It was his perseverance and his persistence, which eventually brought him to great success.

Jake Burton: "Snowboarding is my life, it I refer all energy"