Jealous, Why?

Entering the 21st century, scientists have agreed to conclude their research, that define the relationship between two people in love are: Mixture of 'Psychology, Biology and Chemistry'.

Someone who has experienced it, can be found: The feeling of love (affection towards someone) does not recognize nations, cultures, and ages, even not knowing the situation and condition of any human being in this world.

Where the appreciation of the relationship filled with willingness, expectations, and demands, as well as flavored by fantasy, imagination, and visualization. And, most make connections become hot and cause a rift is the spice of love named jealous! This love (affection) includes, in addition contains hope to always close to everything you want - also have an understanding that a loved one was 'mine'.

Due to this understanding, causing a person to experience what is called 'selfish love', love the curb partner in many forms. This occurs because the fear of losing loved ones. If the relationship is based on fear it, you can be sure sooner or later, your couple became away and tried to 'peace' just to make peace.

But on the contrary, the feeling of love instead be melted. Like an iceberg, if too held and burned jealous, then there is not much love, but love is lost. Because, the couple feel unappreciated, more appropriately be discredited.

In fact, a person will react more positively if believed. Let our spouses, children were more respectful if they are given confidence. Someone who is stuck in love with the fear of losing, usually much burned by the fire of jealousy. And, people jokingly say, that jealousy is love each other marinade. In fact, many opinions that say that 'Jealous there, because love in' is true, jealousy is an expression of love, but it is not the love of our spouse, but rather is in love with ourselves, the fear of losing loved ones.

Thus, many kinds of expressions jealous looks, for example: do not believe what the couple outside of our involvement. Make us paranoid thinking is always negative for our partner's behavior. Confidence faded, so much the act of being a 'show-off' too low profile is not in place, and make comparisons with others, as you show that most deserve to be loved.

Relationship which is based on a sense of belonging, always conscious or unconscious fear of missing partner (captured / switch to others). It all makes the quality of life becomes negative, mindset and way of interacting that bad, until the resulting cornering attitude partner.

Sometimes, so very unreasonable suspicion to couples, ranging from discreetly check wallets, cell phones when the couple was in the shower, to check the credit card bill, ATM, investigated via a detective to get a schedule of business activities, and are willing to wash (clean up) the husband's car , simply because just wanted to find out what could be evidence of suspicion.

Thus, there was a game "Tom & Jerry" between spouses. It's really crazy and outrageous Already not ... ?? !!! Imagine if you were treated otherwise ?????????????????

Being a married couple based in fear abandonment, fear couples switch loving others, in fact it will only make us tired and depressed themselves.

It makes a bad situation into a household, because wherever partner go always raised the fear of losing him. To the extent that many wives in some countries, holding the money / property / assets 100 percent of her husband, and her husband's financial rationed as children are still in elementary school.

When asked for more money asked for what and why? once again ...... Imagine if you were treated otherwise ???? The wife thinks this model, if the husband does not have the money, it will not be able to do anything, (although it is thought that the most innocent of a woman).

Surveys show, the husband who treated thus, outside the house became very Blooded and even very WILD !!!! psychologically as if he wanted to show, "I am a man who can do anything!" But, in front of his wife he relented, because he did not want a fuss, especially divorce (formality status maintained) or for the sake of their children 'forced' to survive though his heart sometimes want to scream ..... !!! even supposedly did not rule out the very thing that triggered Polygamy Covert trend in modern times. Well if it really has to be that bad ....

Imagine Who loses ..... not your own ??? Many nature / character of people, a lot of couples who thus became the wife or husband, become a person who seems to be the owner of a self-partner. Thus, households that are built based on the nature of the couple like this makes her partner not respect and affection grows increasingly fertile, but so just scared just in front of him, while behind him like a horse off of the cage.

So, think carefully before marriage bound with rope. Living pairs are legally married, are appropriately based on love. Love here is trust and loyalty, where this is not requested, but more individual consciousness preserve their love of this kind. So, love it here does not mean people should always also "what he wants us". However, the love and affection that is built from the attitude of trust and respect past each side, will feel warm and enduring of all time.

Beware ...... Egocentric you hold many roles in terms of relationships. Thus, the pair are seen as property rights. He must fulfill your desire, willingness to behave like you and if you can still love you. It means living constantly on (with a very subtle way) will aggression - attitude and ego made.

This egoism so give always a distance and without respect for the couple. To live with a sense of having no effect generally occurs can give breath (read: calmness) to another. Thus, unconsciously will bring terror (rape soul) create a sense there is no freedom to others, but at the same time get a feeling of security that is not on leave, although sometimes only a fantasy, or a pseudo reality only! Greetings happy for all the couples in this world .....

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