When She Cries For You

can't hold

If a woman crying in front of you, it means she can not hold it anymore if you hold her hand when she cries, she will stay with you throughout your life forever

If you let her go, she will never return to her old self Forever .............. A woman will not cry easily, except in front of the person she loves most

She became weak woman would not cry easily, only if she is very fond of you, she will lower her selfishness

Man, if a woman ever cried because of you, please hold her hands with all of your understanding

She is the one who will remain with you throughout your life

Man, if a woman is crying because of you, please give your shoulder

Perhaps because of your decision, you destroy her life 

When she cries in front of you,

When she was crying because of you, Look and behold at her eyes ........ Can you see and feel the pain she felt? Think ........... Which women who will cry, full of affection, in front of you and because of you ......

She cried not because she is weak
She cried not because she wanted sympathy or pity

She was crying, crying silently Because no hold allow longer

Men, Think about it If a woman weeping her heart to you,

And all because of you It was time to see what you've done for her, only you know the answer

Consider Because someday might be too late to regret, It might be too late to say "SORRY!" And all of her will feel mean when you lose everything. All that is very meaningful to you but you do not realize it. Even you just wasted it. 

Photo By; mumbairock.com