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Shellie Ross - Deadbeat Mom Living Life of Luxury

A Shellie Ross/Shellie Schnell Update:

Shellie was due in court in Ohio in September 26th but of course, she never showed up. It's come to our attention, that her husband, Steve, was married to a woman named Darlene and she died tragically at a young age due to a mistake made by E.R. doctors. She had an aneurysm which they didn't catch in time though all the signs/symptoms pointed to it. She died a few hours later. Steve sued for malpractice and though it was a long drawn out court case, he was awarded almost 800,000.00.
Shellie and Steve bought a house in Florida for 515.000.00 in December of 2009. Look, I don't begrudge anyone a home - but if Shellie owed over 50,000 in back child support, perhaps she should have taken care of that first - she certainly has the money.
After her arrest broke, people who know her in Florida wrote to me telling me that she treats her animals poorly and they all feel sorry for Steve as he seems to be a man who has gone through many tragedies in his life: losing the love of his life - his first wife Darlene, and then the drowning of Bryson, his first son.
People from Shellie's past have said her M.O. is to hook up with a guy, have his kid, and have the father of the baby take care of her until something better comes along.
Makes sense when you realize she's had 4 sons from 4 different men - and 2 of those sons she left behind when they were preschoolers.
It also explains why she was in such a rush to have another baby so quickly after Bryson died - Steve had no reason to stay with her - and Steve is now quite wealthy.
So it's not like Shellie has been struggling to make ends meet (God only knows she posted millions of pictures of her half million dollar house and her 5 computers, and her menagerie of farm animals)...and while she's been living the good life, her 17 year old son that she pretends doesn't exist, has been struggling not only with financial issues, but also with the emotional issues of having a mom walk out of his life when he was little - and then pretending he didn't even exist.
It's too bad there isn't a law for inflicting such emotional pain on children, if there was, no doubt Shellie Ross would be convicted and living her life not in a half million dollar home, she'd be living in a 40.00 jail cell.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shellie Ross's Abandoned Son Speaks Out

Shellie Ross, the woman posing as a *mommy* blogger  was arrested in August on a felony out of state warrant. She owed child support to 2 children she had abandoned when they were 6 and 8 years old when she fled to Massachusetts with her 3 son (all boys have different fathers). 
Shellie was released after a week after she promised to appear in Ohio for her court hearing. 
She didn't appear. 
And she didn't pay all the support she owed. 
(keep in mind, she's living in a half million dollar home). 
She was re-arrested in December (her husband, Steve Ross, was also arrested after the police chased him around the neighborhood - from the Crime GalleryBREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE
6:49 p.m. Dec. 8. Arrested: Steven William Ross, 41, of 5120 Pintail Lane, Merritt Island. Charge: resisting arrest without violence.) and Shellie spent almost 2 weeks in jail before she coughed up about half of the support she owed (she paid 27,000.00 - but according to Tilor - Zach's father, she still owes about 23 - 25 thousand more). 
Tilor Teegardin contacted me after discovering Shellie was arrested (the first time). I spoke at length with Tilor and everything he's been through as a single father - and I spoke with Zach - a young man who can't understand why his mother not only left him, but didn't even have the heart to contact him (let alone pay support). And then she went on to have 2 more kids (though she couldn't even pay for the ones she left behind). And of course, we know that one of those children drowned and died while she was twittering. 
Tilor informed that 11 years ago, Shellie had a son named Cody (and Shellie has often spoken of Cody on her blogs). Cody was her first born, and was from her first marriage, and Shellie Schnell was her married name. 
Then, Shellie left her first husband and had a second son, Zach. Shellie has never mentioned Zach on any of her blogs. All of Shellie's former friends who contacted me after this story broke, said Shellie never mentioned Zach - it was as if he didn't exist. 

Tilor states that 3 months after Zach was born, Shellie left him and then had another son, Kris, with yet another different father. Shellie often speaks of Kris in her blogs also.

On August 28th in 2000, Shellie had a court date to decide custody of her eldest son Cody and her younger son, Zach, but Shellie didn’t bother showing up - instead she took Kris and moved to Massachusetts with him, not even bothering to say goodbye to the sons she left behind.

Fast forward 11 years:
Tilor knew nothing about Shellie's other life in Florida. Shellie married Steve Ross and lives in a beautiful home that she proudly took pictures and videos of and posted them online, I guess never figuring that Tilor and Zach would ever find out. Meanwhile, Tilor has struggled as a single dad and in April of 2007, he was severely injured on a construction site. He had to be flown to a trauma center but mid-flight, he went into cardiac arrest and they had to divert to a closer hospital. He received a tracheostomy, they were able to revive him, and then flew him on to the trauma center. He left the hospital 3 weeks later, with a tube permanently implanted in his brain, a plate in his head, and a broken lower jaw. He went back to work and continued working, though he could no longer work in the field as his health/thinking/ is compromised due to his head injury.  He continued to work until his company closed their doors and he, like so many other Americans, is unable to find a job.

Meanwhile, in 2007, Shellie Ross gave birth to her 4th son, even though she already had 2 sons that she left behind and didn't bother to pay her support payments.  
Tilor is understandably angry to learn that Zach’s deadbeat mom is living a life of ease while he has worked his ass off to care for his son that she 'threw away.'  I've spoken with Zach, and he has been thrown for a loop finding out all this information that his mom is alive, and well, and having more children. He is terribly hurt.

I can't speak for what occurred with her oldest son, but Tilor states that Shellie was supposed to pay 385.76 dollars per month in support and in the past 10 years, the only money they've seen is from her tax return last year (it was garnished and sent to them). 
But even worse than that...this 'wonderful loving mom' as she has been called by the blogging mommy community,  has not bothered to send a birthday card or gift to Zach. No phone calls. No letters saying "I love you" - or "I miss you." 

Imagine Zach's shock when he learned Shellie was not only alive and well, but, even though she couldn't be bothered being a mom to him, she went on to have 2 more child (ironically, one died because she wasn't paying attention to him). 
I asked Zach some questions about himself, about how his life has been affected by an absent mom, and this is what he had to say;

Q: What are your hobbies? Favorite TV shows? Favorite music/bands.

Zach: Some things I like to do are to watch my fish tanks and care for them. They are probably my biggest hobby so I care a lot for all of my tanks. I also like to go fishing and to just be outdoors a lot.

Q: When is the last time you saw Shellie?

Zach: The last time I saw Shellie was probably about 8 years ago.

Q: Has she written any letters to you? Did she send you birthday cards?

Zach: Shellie has never written me any letters or sent me any cards for any occasions including birthdays, Christmas or any other holidays.

Q: What would you say to Shellie if you could talk to her?

Zach: I don’t even know what I would say to her if I was face to face with her. I think I would just have to walk away because of my anger towards her I could not express it in any way besides walking away. If I was emailing her then I would want to ask her how my brothers are doing and would probably try to set up a time to see them but not her.

Q: Did she ever tell you why she left you with your dad?

Zach: Well she never had to say anything because she just never showed up in court that day so that said everything in its own.

Q: Would you want to give her a second chance to be a mom?

Zach: I could give her a second chance to be a mom to Kris and her youngest son but not to me because she has never been there for me so why should she be now?

Q: 3 words to describe Shellie.

Zach: Arrogant, Lying, Irresponsible.

Q: What are the good things you remember about her?

Zach: I don’t really remember anything about her that was good for me.

Q: Did you have other women in your life who stepped in and became a mom figure to you?

Zach: Yes, I had my step-mom Heather who raised me for 13 years before divorcing my dad and my current mom, Karen, who is amazing and the best thing that has ever happened to me as a mom figure. 

Q: What are your future plans? What do you want to be career wise?

Zach: As a career I would like to go into the fields of marine biology or environmental sciences because those are the areas that I most enjoy in school and would love to have them as jobs.

Q: How did you feel when you found out she was living in Florida and had 2 more children?

Zach: I kind of had this feeling for a while that she was down in Florida for a while but the fact that she had two more children without me knowing really upset me, especially when I found out that Bryson had died and she just went on with her life at that point and it seemed to me that she just forgot about him. It upsets me mainly because I really wish I could have met him when he was still around. Also the fact that she is living the good life down in Florida when my family is struggling here in Ohio really pisses me off because she does not deserve to be where she is in today’s society.

Shellie still owes money to Tilor and Zach - she's paid up her support to Tom and Cody (her other son and exhusband) Tom was in the same boat as Tilor pretty much, and was only recently paid the support he owed. 

Shellie loves to play the victim in all this - she calls me her stalker - no - I'm just a bullshit detective - and once I got to know Zach and Tilor, I hoped that since Shellie thought she was above the law and was going around pretending to be an awesome mom, maybe if I posted Zach and Tilor's story online - maybe it would embarrass Shellie enough to at least pay the back support she owes. 
Shellie is spreading falsehoods about me, trying to discredit or hurt me - but those who know me know the truth. I have court documents and police records to back up the facts I've posted. Shellie has nothing because she is trying to deflect the truth that she is not a wonderful mommy blogger - she is a deadbeat mom. 

I can't change the ending of Bryson Ross's story. He drowned while his mother was Tweeting and he is dead. Nothing will ever change that.  
But I hope to change the outcome of Zach's story. It's time for Shellie to step up to the plate, pay ALL the back support and acknowledge that she's caused considerable hurt to Zach. 

Zach twitters at @sharksRfriends - if you want to send him a tweet of support - just to let him know that not all people are crappy - and that people actually care. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shellie Ross AKA Military Mom Arrested Again

Shellie Ross - Military Mom
Shellie Ross - famed "mommy blogger" Military_mom - AKA Shellie Schnell was arrested on 12/7/2011 for the second time. This time, Ohio says they will extradite the deadbeat mom who paid cash for her half million dollar Florida home - yet failed to pay the back support she owes to the sons she abandoned when they were young boys.
Oh, and FYI - to all the mommy bloggers who still support her, for all her talk of prayers, Shellie and her husband  are atheists. Ask her inlaws.
I guess she won't be attending Disney Social Media Moms or SheStreams this year. Or Blissdom.

Click to enlarge - Leah Segedie LOVES deadbeat moms
For all those idiot moms who who still support her - Molly Gold (aka MyGoMom, Amy Lupold Bair (Resourceful Mom) - and Daisy Sutherland (Dr.Mommy), Maria Bailey (MomTalkRadio), and Leah Segedie (@bookieboo Mammavation) who, just this morning tweeted that she LOVES Shellie Ross.
  Perhaps these awesome moms who support a criminal, would like to pay the back child support she owes to her children? It amazes me these moms portray themselves as mothers - but what kind of woman stands by and condones a mom who abandons her children, goes on to have MORE children without bothering to pay support, pays half million dollars cash for a home,  one of those children DROWNS while she is busy tweeting, and then she has yet ANOTHER baby, gets arrested for failure to pay support, and then STILL doesn't pay it, so she gets rearrested - all the while running an unlicensed chicken farm from her home (the neighbors are NOT happy) and now, instead of tweeting all day, she posts  on under the name Celtic Oaks Farm. 
And then, these moms say I am a bully?
At least I had the guts to call a deadbeat mom a deadbeat mom - and to stick to this story despite the many attacks I received. At least I've stood up for the children that everyone seems to have forgotten about - for Bryson, and Zach, and Cody - because they are at the heart of this story. It isn't about Shellie, it isn't about egomaniac MommyBloggers, it isn't about me - it's about the children that have been abandoned by their own mother. I want them to know SOMEONE cares about them.

Merry Christmas Shellie.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Most Wanted DeadBeats - Shellie Ross

Click To Enlarge - Support owed to Tilor Teegardin for son #2
Most Wanted Deadbeats was started by gorgeous Jennifer Young who found herself a single mom and was left to battle the system and her wealthy ex to fight for support that was awarded to her. Jennifer spent many years in the system and knows a thing or two about the sneaky tactics used by deadbeat parents to skirt around the system.
Jennifer is going to feature Shellie Ross (AKA Shellie Schnell) on - because seriously, a mom who abandons 2 young boys, doesn't pay child support (she owes support to 2 different custodial parents!) buys a half million dollar home (pays cash) and then goes on to have 2 more babies AND promotes herself on line as a top social media mom - AND is so incredibly dumb as to post photos of her fancy house and pool and kitchen as if she is the height of class and wealth - well, if that doesn't qualify Shellie Ross for most wanted deadbeat of the year - it sure comes close.
click 2 enlarge - support owed to John T Schnell for son #1

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Molly Gold and Daisy Sutherland Support DeadBeat Mom Shellie Ross

**of note, I posted the court report of the child support due one of Shellie's kids that she abandoned when he was 6 - never to bother speaking with or reaching out to since she left him. You can find that at the top where it says Child Support Papers.**

What I find so ironic is that these women call themselves "Moms" - because to me, a mother is a woman who takes care of her children.
If Shellie was a man who abandoned his wife and 6 year old child (Shellie actually abandoned 2 of her children) then went on to have MORE children, while not bothering to pay support for his children (I am only in contact with one of her baby daddies, I can't speak to the money she owes the other baby daddy)  (click her to see her court papers) and then pays CASH for a half million dollar home (click here to see record) yet, still refuses to pay the support  owed to the mother who raised his child alone - Do you think these blogger moms would give that deadbeat dad a pass?
No. Way.
Yet these "mothers" instead of calling Shellie out, instead of sending her a message to TAKE CARE OF HER CHILDREN, they pretend Shellie is a victim - they rush to her defense. Are these mothers THAT STUPID? They shouldn't be called mothers - they should be called breeders.
At least Jessica Gottlieb came to her senses when she discovered the truth about Shellie Ross.
Here is a brief list of "Mommy Bloggers" that feel Shellie has done no wrong
Molly Gold  - Twitter - @mygomom
Daisy Sutherland @DrMommy
Amy Lupold Bair @resourcefulmom

These breeders are all sending the message - hey, it's okay to abandon your kid! It's okay to pretend he doesn't exist - it's ok to buy a half  million dollar home and  not pay your 50,000 back child support!
It makes me want to vomit that Shellie continues to tweet and blog as if she is the best mom in the world.
Will NOTHING shame this woman in to being responsible and paying the money she owes to her son(s)???

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shellie Ross - Owns Half a Million Dollar Home - yet Owes 50,000 in Child Support

Shellie's 515,00.00 mortage click to enlarge

Shellie Ross was arrested in August of 2011 for backchild support she owes after abandoning not 1, but 2 of her sons when they were only 6 and 8 years old. Both children have different fathers, and Shellie took her youngest son (also different father) and Shellie left 2 men to raise her sons - not bothering to send support money. 1 son she completly abandoned and sent NO money and had no contact with - she even went to far as to hide the fact she even had a son named "Moby" - though he's given me permission to use it, I don't feel it's right because he is still a minor.
Shellie and her husband bought a home in Florida for half a million dollars in 2009. Yet...she won't bother paying her back child support.

Shellie also went on to have even more children---though one drowned while she was busy Tweeting (see ABC news story here) (and then she blamed his death on her 11 year old son)- so what did she do...she gave birth 14 months later to a new baby - and yes, tweeted about it the time she was in the hospital!

If this was a man who remarried, went on to have two more children, one child died while in his care, lives in a half million dollar house (of which he proudly posts pictures of on the web) and - he owes over 50,000 to a son he pretends he doesn't have - mothers and women EVERYWHERE would be furious and calling for justice.

This blog will remain here until Shellie pays her son and the single father who has struggled to make ends meet - the 50,000 dollars she owes them.

Please feel free to send her a tweet @military_mom and urge her to step up to the plate and take responsibility for her children.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

If I am murdered, please look for Lance A. Lewsader...

Lance A Lewsader works - claims to be Shellie's brother. 

UPDATE: Shellie is still in jail and waiting extradition to Ohio. I'm really hoping Zach and his father get the back child support they are owed and it will be a great Christmas for them.

On Lance - several concerned people have contacted me about his "threats" on his Twitter account @Gdogg007 and the other things he has been saying about me.

I appreciate your concern - but it is being handled - I don't respond to him not because  I'm 'afraid' - but because I was advised not to.

For those of you who don't know the story, Lance A. Lewsader claims to be Shellie's brother,( if so, there is yet another secret life Shellie is harboring because no one seems to know anything about her having ANY brothers or sisters) who valiantly tries to defend a mother who abandoned her children and owes 50,000 back child support - this remind me of the sayings:
 Show me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are - and - Birds of a feather flock together...

If I should die horribly in a violent accident, please note that Shellie Ross's "brother" posted this on - he goes by the name Lance A. Lewsader and the handle: GDogg007 and works at EMC Corporation in Arkansas (as he mentions in his Linkedin profile AND on his myspace AND on his Google Circles)

From his post, I learned that DIAF - means "Die In A Fire."

In a few of the responses he received, someone called "thaorleanyte" suggested DDOS - Dirt Digging - I had no idea what that meant either, but have since been taught it means "denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users." Which is a crime. 

And also, just in *case* I do wind up in a horrible accident (or die in a fire) I do have screen shots and copies of what Lance and his  fine upstanding citizens suggested in order to make me 'go away.'

Since it seems Lance can't spell correctly and obviously doesn't comprehend things very well, I'll say this one more time: Shellie was on her cell phone Tweeting when she should have been watching Bryson -that's why he drowned. Then she blamed it on her older son, saying he was supposed to be watching him. Shellie owes back child support - over 50,000 for a son that she abandoned when he was 6 years old, a son that she has completely ignored and not even bothered telling her new husband about. She was arrested because she owes that money. Shellie lives in a half million dollar house (which SHE proudly posted pictures of all over the internet) - yet still refuses to pay her back child support.

 Shellie Ross's "brother" Lance A. Lewsader (GDogg007) wrote this on

"So this chick named Laura Freed in New Jersey can DIAF. She has made it her personal crusade to harass my older sister and make sure her personal life is made as public as humanly possible. Even has gone so far as to post up pictures of her home and the inside of her home. (Be careful when ya list your home if ya ever do. Those pictures don't go away.)

The reason this bitch has done this? Because 2 years ago my nephew drowned in a pool. She was on twitter after it happened asking for family and friends to pray for Bryson. (I see nothing wrong with that.) However this bitch went on Nancy Grace (that bitch can DIAF too) and blasted my sister as irresponsible.

Long long story short Laura Free is a useless wart on the ass of society who needs to die horribly in a violent accident." 

And then one of the replies: 
From gsf1200R

"do I need to drive somewhere and make someone shit their pants again?"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shellie Ross to her Mother In Law: Get That Bitch Out Of Here!

Shellie Ross @military_mom  Mug Shot

Since Shellie’s arrest, many people have contacted me with new information – it turns out she is not liked by many people.
Though I’ve learned of many many horrific incidents of the way Shellie has treated everyone from “friends” to family – and of course – her own children – abandoning them when they were very young and she even went so far as to blame the drowning of Bryson on Kris, her 11 year old, (what mother would do such a thing?) but probably the 2 incidents that really stick out in my mind have to do with the night Bryson died and his funeral.
Shellie had called friends and family to the ER where Bryson was taken.  After they were told Bryson was gone, Shellie insisted she wanted to go back to the house. They had recently  moved into the 515,000.00 home a few days prior to Bryson’s death.
So, being supportive, friends and family took Shellie to her house. And once there – what did Shellie do? Well, let’s think for a moment – your 2 year old was found floating and lifeless in the pool…he’s gone.
Would you curl up on the couch? Would you stumble up the stairs and go to bed? Would you sit at the kitchen table in a trance? Trying to choke down a glass of whiskey?  Something – anything to ease the pain?
Well, Shellie would do what any grieving mother would do; she gave a tour of her half million dollar home –  “Here’ s the living room, notice the floors and the details. Of course, this is the kitchen, look at these appliances!” And of course, the tour included the pool, where Bryson had just died.
Now, recently, my dog died unexpectedly.  I could barely talk to anyone. I sat either on the couch, outside a lawn chair, or I stayed curled up in a ball in bed – crying – for a week. And this was over a DOG – not a baby!
At Bryson’s funeral – Shellie spotted her mother in law. Now, from everyone I’ve talked to, Shellie’s mother in law is one of the sweetest ladies in the world – but Shellie kept Bryson from Steve’s side of the family – which is nothing new- before Shellie abandoned her sons, she also kept them from their grandparents  too – it seems Shellie wants to be the ONLY woman in her husbands and childrens’ life.
Shellie went BALLISTIC on Bryson’s sweet old grandma and shoved her against the wall, shouting, “Get that bitch out of here!” in front of Steve’s Commanding Officer.
Well. Everyone from Steve’s side of the family ending up leaving –  all the while, Shellie was screaming at them all.
I hope Steve will come to his senses and realize he is married to a monster – though I’m sure once their money has run out, she will move on to the next victim – it’s kind of like her career.
One good thing about this blog – it’s helped people who Shellie has hurt/abandoned/treated horribly, realize that it’s just who she is. There is a whole army of people that have been mowed over by this controlling, selfish, delusional woman (those who have contacted me call her much worse, but you get the idea).
Until Shellie pays the back child support of 50,000 this blog will remain.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shellie D Ross AKA Shellie D Schnell arrested in Florida

****Update: 9/15/2011 The father of the boy that Shellie has not paid support for in over 11 years - the 17 year old boy who has not heard from his mother in 11 years, has contacted me. His story broke my heart and I'm currently working with him on bringing justice for the son Shellie has forgotten.

***update 9/13/2011 - Shellie was released yesterday (9/12/2011) at 10:00 (according to Bervard County PD). She is a fugitive from Franklin Ohio, wanted for 2 counts of non support of her previous children (ummm, why is this woman still having kids when she obviously can't take care of any of them). Ohio didn't want to pay the cost to extradite her. However, her warrant is still active - meaning - if she travels to Ohio  or a state near Ohio, they will still arrest her.

Remember Shellie Ross? The mom who was on Twitter (@military_mom) tweeting while her son, Bryson Ross drowned in the swimming pool? She tweeted afterwards asking for prayers. Then she blamed the drowning on her 11 year old son. You’d think moms everywhere would be horrified by her actions, yet, social media moms were not horrified by Shellie Ross, they were horrified by the fact I questioned why a mother wasn’t being held accountable for the death of her child.

Well, Shellie Ross AKA Shellie Schnell she was arrested by Brevard County Sherrif Office on August 29, 2011. She’s a wanted fugitive from Ohio, has 2 counts against her, and there is a no bond order on her, meaning she can’t be bailed out.

Back in 2009, I had (what I thought to be) common sense and questioned if the child might still be alive today if Shellie hadn't been tweeting prior to his drowning.

That got me vilified by the Mommy Blogger Community... Jessica Gottlieb went so far as to post  my home address and phone number in her Twitter stream.

Even newspaper reporter Kimberly C. Moore from Florida Today argued with me on the phone and presented me in a biased judgmental article she wrote full of sympathy for poor Shellie Ross.

I received death threats, got a whole web post devoted to me titled:  CUNT by a famed mommy blogger and was on the receiving end of the word 'whore' and had websites pop up devoted to harassing me. So...just to be clear - it's acceptable for a social media mom to be tweeting while her baby drowns (then blame her 11 year old son for it) - IT IS NOT acceptable to question if Bryson Ross would still be alive today had his mother not loved tweeing more than she loved her 'million dollar baby.'

Of course, Shellie herself called me a troll, bully, etc...
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...but you know, something always reeked about this woman. Who, right after losing her child went on to procreate and gave birth 14 months after the drowning of her son - to yet, another baby boy.

Of course, she tweeted the whole time she was in the hospital right after giving birth because she was trying to win a Disney Cruise Dream vacation.

Then slowly, she stopped tweeting and I thought...hmmmm, maybe she realized that being a mom was more important than being online.

But I kept my blog posts about the death of Bryson posted. I just had this feeling she wasn't this wonderful momma that her friends and the Tweeting minions made her out to be.  I had a feeling we weren't at the end of the story yet.
And then I  noticed in increase in traffic on my website this morning. I rarely even check the site meter history, but today, today I had time and I discovered someone had searched for the name Shellie D Schnell and it brought them to my website.

So. I did a search and discovered that Shellie D. Schnell of Merritt Island Florida was indeed, Shellie D. Ross, infamous twitter mom of a dead baby. 

I contacted the Brevard County Police Department. The booking department, to be more precise. They confirmed that yes, Shellie D. Ross IS Shellie D Schnell. She was a fugitive. Wanted for 2 counts of non support. Seems she has yet more children. Children that she didn't support. Well. At least they aren't dead. At least she her ignorance of them didn't kill them. Forget support - they should be lucky someone loved them enough to make sure they are still alive!!! Because had they been in Shellie's care...well, I'd tell you to ask Bryson Ross, but he's no longer with us. 

I was now intrigued. I did a search of Shellie Ross/Shellie Schnell and discovered that, in the state of Ohio, she had 6 court cases against her. They don't have a public criminal record search, so I don't know why she fled MA for FL. 

So, what do we know? Well, we know a 2 year old lost his life because his mother was too busy with social media to watch him. We know that social media moms were more concerned with Shellie than they were about the 2 year old boy that drowned while in her care. We know the media didn’t bother checking into Shellie Rosses history (what? Reporters not doing their job?) If the facts of her past criminal history were known, I think instead of defending her, people would be wondering why she wasn't sitting in a jail cell.

And now, Shellie Ross is inflicting harm on yet ANOTHER one of her children because she is sitting in a jail cell and she can't even be bonded out.

So yeah, I, (this mother fucker whore cunt (mommy blogger words, not mine)) feels justified.

The. End.

**update: These MommyBloggers were quick to insult and harass me (what great role models) – but now that the truth is about Shellie Ross, they are trying to keep it hush hush.  No apologies. No blog posts where they admit they realize they dishonored a 2 year old child’s death by forgetting about him in favor of protecting his mother. The news was quick to jump on a story about what seemed to be a ‘poor mom’ being ‘questioned’ by me, but now that she’s sitting in jail, where are they? Is that not a newsworthy story? There are 2 stories here: How Social Media Moms (and Dads) are, basically, morons who sling words like whore and cunt.  The second story about how the news media today doesn’t bother to dig any deeper than the surface of a story.   These fine upstanding Blogger Moms:**Daisy Sutherland (@Drmommy), Amy Lupold Blair (@resourcefulmom), Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb). Oh, and Jessica Gottlieb, as we know, does have my address, ya think she'd send me something nice like a gift-basket of bacon to say, "Hey, sorry I was such a douche bag." ***update 9/23/2011 - Jessica has reached out and apologized. And even offered to send bacon. Both are much appreciated.  But seems to me these "mommy bloggers" are teaching their kids that when they made a mistake, best to sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn't exist. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shannon Johnson Gets What Shellie Ross Deserves

Shannon Johnson was sentenced to 10 years in prison following the death of her 13 month old son drowning in the bathtub while she was playing a game on Facebook.

It's nice to know that some police departments take the neglect of children seriously, unlike the police in the case of Shellie Ross, who's son called 911 at 5:23 to report that his 2 year old brother was floating in the pool, dead.

Here are Shellie's Tweets leading up to the death (of course, Ms. Ross has since deleted her pictures. But why delete your pictures unless you felt you were guilty of something??)

My dogs caught and flipped a tourtoise on it's back, seems to be fine though
5:17 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

One of our roosters looking out at me tonight
5:18 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

Now they are all coming out to see what I am doing
5:19 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

@themorrisbunch yep almost 30 total these are my oldest ones 4 roos the rest girls
5:21 PM Dec 14th from Echofon in reply to themorrisbunch

Fog is rolling in thick scared the birds back in the coop
5:22 PM Dec 14th from Echofon

And then, at 5:23, her 11 year old son calls 911 to say his 2 year old brother is floating in the pool.

Of course, wonderful mother that Shellie is, she blamed the 11 year old - saying that she had been cleaning the chicken coops and told the 11 year old to take the child into the house. The 11 year old, who she "tweeted" in the morning, had stayed home sick from school that  if he was "sick" what was he doing outside and why was he babysitting his 2 year old brother?

To me, the most tragic part of this story is that Ross continued to get on her computer after the tragic death of her son, a death that could have been prevented if she was more concerned with her watching her son than she was about Tweeting her every move, and use the very social media that she was addicted to that caused her son to drown.

Shannon Johnson received 10 years in prison for allowing her son to drown while she was on FaceBook. Shellie Ross received sympathy because she was firmly entrenched in the Mommy Blogger community. But I dare you ask all those who support her if those parents would leave their children alone with Ms. Ross, her iPad, and a pool....