What I Can Give For Life, Not What I Have Got!

A dog looks scrutinize behavior of a horse that ran not far from the dog. The horse was so cheerful. Occasionally, a horse shaking his head like he was singing merrily.

Dogs also curious by walking toward the horse. "You're so happy, the horse?" Asked the dog appeared curious face. In fact, in the dry period like this, most of the occupants trapped prairie life so difficult.

"Yes, I'm happy!" Said the horse as he continued to trot while still expressing cheerfulness.

"You do not find it difficult in the dry period like this?" Asked the dog with a face still grim.

  "No!" Replied a short horse. He is running increasingly slow motion. And, the horses were stopped in front of the dog.

"Are you rich, my friend?" Asked the serious dog. Who asked not give preferential reaction.

Horses just replied softly, "No!"

"Maybe you've got a new home such as turtles, snails, or something else?" Asked the dog continued to show curiosity.

Horses just shook his head. "Maybe you've been able to produce pearls like the shells in the sea?" Asked the dog again.

Again, the horse shook his head. "And then? Why are you so happy? "Said the dog is more serious.

"I do not know," replied the horse while still showing cheerful face. "I'm happy not because I have anything. I'm happy because it can give what I've got: power, intelligence, and even cheerfulness, "said the horse so long.

"Is that what makes you happier than me?" Asked the dog began to find the answer interesting. "I feel happy and rich as always thinking what can I give for life not what I got, "added the horse started to move to re-run.

  ~~~ My friends ... Sweet bitter life often depends on how we look. From there the attitude of self-will find a mirror. If life is seen with a grim face, the mirror will reflect the attitude of hard, bleak and depressing. Try to place the eyes of our hearts in a convenient place for looking at life positively. So, we will find new energy on how to wade through life. From there, the attitude that appears exactly as described the horse, "I feel happy because always think what I can give not what I have got.. "

Photo By; dogvacay.com