Sir..! Where Is The Happiness?

sad man wanna kill him self
Once upon a time in a wonder world, there is a young man who felt he was not happy at all. Every day, from his window he saw the garden and very beautiful natural scenery, people passing by, children playing happily. But all of that does not make him happy. Indeed he did not understand, why people out there could laughing with or at least show a happy face. Because look at the circumstances surrounding, heart bland, piqued at the question, "What is the secret happy?" In order to get the answer, the boy decided to get out of his room and started asking anyone who might be able to give the answer.

"Excuse me sir, I want to ask, where is the happiness?" he asked someone who seemed happy to see kids running around.

"Happyness? Where does it come from? Look at the children," said the man was relaxed. Observe the young man and do not understand why children see it is happiness.

He also went on and tried to ask for some others but still did not find the answer, what and how happy it. Until he arrived in front of the home of a farmer who was resting while flute with pleasure.

The young man waited until the song is finished and asked the same question. "Come, come here," the farmer invited the young man with friendly. "

I'm making a new flute. Look! Here's how. "His hands were busy demonstrating choose bamboo, wiping and cleaning delicate feathers carefully." Once clean, it is time to flatten and then drilling holes. "

"Sir, I did not come here to learn how to make the flute and what to do all relation with happiness?" the boy asked with exasperation.

"Young man, do not be mad first. Consider first what you want me to explain. This small bamboo can bring a beautiful tone, the secret is in these small holes.

Now, by the happiness that you ask. Make a hole and let them open in your heart. Because without that you never open your heart, just as you never give a chance to your own heart and forever you will never know what it is happiness.

Easy right? Do you understand? "" Yes sir, I understand. Thank you. "

The reader, feel happy is a state of the heart. Often we see or hear a lot of people who have so much money but their life are not happy. There are also people whose lives were unremarkable, but seemed very happy. Opening the heart means to accept any circumstances you have today, but STILL endeavored to pursue the dream that we expect. Being able to enjoy life in a positive and valuable for themselves and for other people. By mental attitude like that, SURE you can enjoy every moment of happiness.

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