The More I Love You

The More I Love You

"Why should you expose hold if you do not expect the meeting"

 The wind whispered without message

when you start a conversation with a question

night so the enveloping feeling

until we could no longer find his way to greet

I do not know where your steps towards

seems close but slowly away

as the distance we were indeed too senile

I'm waiting for all year

trying to forget all my life

finding time in between busy your work, in your lunch hour,

in the congestion of the capital, or a few hours before you go to bed

Are there any I've ever present in your dreams?

I find a gap between your past love

who never knew would be interminable

I wrote thousands of records to reach you

cut each millimeter distance we pass word

depicts smile among the leaves were still wet

and I know I'll never reach you

To what would I give

all the anxiety attached to the wall of memories

every inch of longing

each spell hopes fade

swallowed by bored of waiting

 You say,

"Do not ever come after me, I will come to you"

 And now you know,

I miss you greatly in

so in until I wound

so in that I want to forget you

pull out one by one the memory of your smile embedded

rearrange the alphabet that make up your name

silencing song composed of laughter

which has been echoed in the ears

do not you tell me indifferent to you

do you know

every night I'm waiting for you

every morning I feel your loss

I await you receive an invitation to go out with

dinner, around town, watching movies

or whatever you want

But you also know,

I do not want to go

if one day you really come to me

pretend to love me

pretend you love me with sincerity

then I will love you with flawless

without injury and a heavy heart

I will love you as I love my whole life

even more.