The Pain Collection

The Pain Collection

Why oh .. why .. do you leave me ...
Do not know,, I do not know what I,, one of you
Until you will-bear to leave me alone,,
Alone again ,,
Maybe you're disappointed,, but this all the reality
I have to be patient, all will be beautiful in its time

You will forever be the best for me
This is all the other side of you who know my new
Whatever it is ,,,
I have to accept it, and had to get used to

My only able to save all the memories
Which is always in the shadow of my life
Which as always whisper that my hope is over
To get you ...

Am I ,,
Must leave all of life without you
Am I ,,
No longer able to accompany you though the apparent

Granules clear from the sky fell
All seemed real, not an oasis ...
But when you step away
All shadows, scents until the sound is no longer heard me
Sorry if I'm too apparent to you,,
For you have,,
But whether it's grain always accompany me
In view of all the laughter and your tears ???
All my stories there in the rain
All our stories erased by a rain does not know where ..
Destroy all that has been my belief planting
But the beautiful story we're always saved
And awake in my heart

The time elapsed

when TIME increasingly felt passed
eliminate traces of old times
when we are together under a bamboo tree
breeze dusting

not at all feel love
took in a world that is so ephemeral
dissolved in pitch darkness
along with heart and my love submit all
because I am no longer able to receive a pain

I just close my eyes for a moment that have the wrong view
because I do not want dissolved again in a ruse
because a feeling is not a game
know that love is a gift of the divine
we should be able to live with the love of the essentials

Do not go my love

you're so perfect in my eyes
my heart began to calm down when you're there for me
my heart is fragile if you were not there for me

what should I do without you
jokes and laughter you so heard in my heart
remembering all the times you were on my side

you accompany me with warmth
disappeared sadness and loneliness felt
eliminate the sorrow always surrounds my heart

but now you're gone, who knows what could I do without you
you're so beautiful, and probably will remain beautiful forever.
I will faithfully waiting for you here
up time will find me and you
I pray for you pour me endlessly
so you can be happy in heaven ... ..
although it did not stop my tears drops for you
but I believe these tears are tears of kink

do not go my lover cries were so great
in my heart.
even if you were not there but the memories will remain there
and my heart forever

Tuft story of the past

Remind you .. is the biggest mistake of my life and ignorance
But ... do not know why this idea can not be erased by our story and your name
You'll never know how much was destroyed and collapsed I ...
Maybe I am too much with the story that we make ...
I've been trying to let it go and forget,,,
One year old ... I'm speechless try eliminating all existing wounds,,,
But ... so heavy,,,
I have no power to do so
My love is so sincere and candid with you ...
Two balls are so bright my eyes see all the shortcomings ...
With the light of love that comes from the heart is unable to explain everything ...
Never felt this deep LOVE SICK and
I think I want to eliminate all memory loss ...
But I realized it was all a temporary tranquility
I know exactly the way we are so different
But this did not stop the heart,,,, hope though only a wishful thinking
And now I just want to live my life as it once,,
Do not depend on the presence,,,,,,,,,,

Behind one sense

Cheerful laughter there ..
Now just finished a mere memories and sadness repellent ..
When it all tasted wonderful ..
Slowly but surely, you go leave me ..
Not your fault ..
Not my fault ..
Because it is virtually all looks correct
Is one word that brings us
one word that unites us
Is one word that separates us
one word that we step into the stop motion
why is that weight let you go ??
Why eliminate the difficulty of my heart this sense ??
Right here ..
Not stopping me try ..
Trying to let it fact that so bitter ..
I will try .. Origin will you happy ..
I will try .. Although still leaves a wound

No story Framed

When I slept in my thoughts
It crossed the story ..
One story that is not framed
So complicated,
Although actually so simple
I ...
Honestly I'm confused and do not know how this story line
I want to move forward
But a big hole closes up my ...
Once black dark..
Up to me did not know which way to done my
I also do not know which direction I will go
If I retreat ..
Pain is the last place
I ..
I can only pause in uncertainty
Are .. forever be like this ??
Am I going to be stuck forever in this perplexing condition ??
I am tired ...
My body and fragile ...
I could not resist the pain is too long
I ..
Wish I could go through all of this soon ..
Without hurting each other ...

You and past

I still remember ..
will sound your beauty ..
who woke me from my sleep ..

I still remember ..
gentle touch you gave ..
seemed to eliminate all doubts ..

I still remember ..
will be words from you dear ..
which made me leave the others for yourself ..

but did you know ..
how much pain that I feel ..
when I know they're not real to me ..
all like a mirage that came and went ..

I seemed not to believe ..
when I know this is your reply ..

goodbye dear ..
let it be past all that pent-up ..
the good old days of my life ...

memories of Love

I cried in the quietness of the night
Given our story first
Warm your body ...,
Beautiful smile ...,
Sweet lips ...,
Never again met
Leaving only memories

You leave me alone
My life was empty because of you
Dark my life because of you
My life is useless because of you

Even if you have to leave the wound
This little heart is still stored spark of love for you
But you will not come back to me
And I consider you my beautiful memories