Friendship Like a Shadow


Sad, lonely, jokes, laughs we had together
Wherever like a rope that had been tied up, which can not be removed
You consoled me when depressed and I entertain you when you need
We complement each other

but different
Different at that time
At the current time we do not favor the
You and I are separated

And finally,
Finally, you left me to figure your shadow
You who did not know where your body
Which now has not had the heart and feelings
Such is no longer my friend


Always present in our lives
Whether it's happy or sad
Needless to say he definitely heard
All stories will be mixed with world story
Rebuke when we are wrong to take steps
Support when we lift a decision
Responsible though not contribute to
Breathed the air of peace when we are wrapped in emotion

And ...
Always like that until fate separates us

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