The Letter Was Never Delivered

The Letter Was Never Delivered

As well as the time ..
passed will never come backno matter how hard it is going to stay away crying. 

Then hand the weak hands will continue to dig out of what is left of history
and stacked sheets of paper, sometimes scattered in the wind.

Crumpled paper it will be difficult trimmed again
especially if it must be written back
but what if the power fade force
remaining until the old pen and a handful of stories written on a paper-paper shabby

Then the walls of the dusty walls began to show how strong time
until it began to weak fingers stringing verbatim
just for the sake of a fate that may never created by God
or something that was never recognized as too beautiful

Then the pages are flushed story of the rainbow is created
fully persuaded of the most poetic seduction spoiled ever
with words never crossed on mind poets
so nice like that eternal spring afternoon was studded stars are

But why oh queen dancing into the wee hours of the night?
After you write it in the presence of tears and fluttering thousands of pigeons
with all the best stories among the most romantic flower grove
then you burn it for granted?

What is wrong with all that?
Are not all singing the dawn of the sun and the water ripples at dusk had moved your pen?
Then why did not you ever send?
Though the angels have been waiting to deliver all the love letters Him

Now you are silent, mute and silent
you do not leave any one poem to read as memories
you burn down all, until there is nothing to rival the most beautiful writing.
even the rest of you take it buried itself and disappear behind your tombstone

Oh well, O rain on the wind in this cemetery
convey to the author fade that creates full color
Him explained that this play sometimes so heartbreaking
as it is written today., about your letter that you never have to say.

By RDK03 - Ahmad Raj.
Based on a true story,
Written in the form of verses of poetry.
To midnight 28 august 2014