Can't Stop Loving

Can't Stop Loving

When I remember you ...

all the colors seemed to blend into one ..
until I felt like I was at the corner of the rainbow, or maybe I was in seventh heaven angel ..
whatever it is I do not care ..
because as long as I can remember ..
I ignore anything around me ..

you are really very precious ..
and is it possible you could feel everything ..
every word, every taste, all combine beautifully in a series of my love has ...

there is a reason why I'm still waiting ..
Never without you I could never find my identity ..
because really everything I do ..
and regardless of the direction that I want to go ..
My pace has always led me to continue to be near you ..

though now I do not know where you are ...
but this heart always knew that you are always being around me ..
I just have to find you ..
and say that I really love you so much ..
and I could never stop loving you ..