Question in a Secret Garden

Question in a Secret Garden

Is a turbulent florets among traces of brush on canvas.
This may be as a last sigh of the rainbow
How strong rainbow at night rumbles are only visible when the lightning struck.
Then the dream which one will you promise?
If the incumbent has a nice turn down what was expected
continues then the violins sounded just long harbinger of death will soon reverberate.

O night cloaked in fire
is there any significance of gold luster forced to become holy?
Or just a circle agreement shall be betrayed?
Because that's the way it should be.
Should or die!
So that each petal jasmine was changed to black due to fire

I want to ask
Where is the jungle crows nest that compose poetry?
Where do burned sheets poet secret?
And when all the verses were delivered to the Lord of the universe?
And why every crow that drove him always fall and die,
without a chance to express his desire for peace today?

You stupid!
Since when do these verses mean?
Instead of an old gravestone will be forgotten?
Similarly, the desert deserted the hated
it makes no difference to the steps in the pitch that is not worth remembering.

So ..! O returned dull paper
Master will write back
with words of seduction tougher, more angry and more hate
before you were burned by the time
before the monsoon cursing you
after all that you will become ashes

O mankind useless!
sometimes God does not like you Think
therefore, you can not calculate the fade
then be strong! Because you're used scorned
even all the curses that deserve you
unless you can buy all the
unless you can buy all the
unless you can buy all of it.