The First Lie

why must lie

I can not die here, even the lives of increasingly inflamed.

But I could not be sure where I'll end up.
So prepare yourself well when I left.
Because luster sword getting closer
No need to worry if the eyes no longer see
even loneliness grips
because one thing is certain ends
and it certainly
Let the rain became a runaway in rhyme
because all traces of deleted perfect
the roar of the boom bullet
and shouted pleasure fear that fighting
Do not stop just because the spark of fire
but pull over if doubts harass intentions
running and jumping
until everything is left behind
breath will stop
heart has finished its destiny
all face up to
and deeds shadowing
Keep fuck
Because of all this farce
which is often regrettable
because the dead will not be useful anymore.

I understand the lie, and never I blame,
I leave it alone and enjoy to always lied.
I know lies because of hope.
And do not destroy the hope that good.

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