Good Night My Dear

Good Night My Dear

Changes during the night
Bright sunset together
In which there lived a dark sky
Inky this heart because of you yank

Distant gaze drift
Imagine your smile expands
My soul wants to fly
Just say hi honey

Honestly this heart is not quiet
Every night it came
Always longing to come with the stars
I want to take you fly

When I imagined
When it comes longing
Can only imagine
As sparrow missed star

Tired imagine
Do not feel these eyes closed
Until I forget the words
Goodnight Sweetheart ...


When the light turns to dark ..
Butterfly close your eyes ..
Fireflies lit virtual on ..
When the body has exhausted to walk ..
Sleep is the goal ..
To obtain peace ..

Go to sleep, O my love ..
Covered the moon and stars ..
Along with my prayers ..
May the angels of heaven ..
Keeping your dream ..
Until morning to welcome you back ..

================================================== ======

Goodnight Sweetheart
Hug kiss me just for you
Close your eyes dear
I always be there for you

Sleep-sleep my dear
I always dreamed
Praying to you my dear
always Presence for never limit

I whisper a word
As a conductor of sleep
I sleep with a prayer of dream
As a guard on your sleeping
"Have A Nice Dream Honey"

================================================== ======

I said in the wind
Bias imagine of cold
The time has come
For I close my eyes

Space staring contest
Staring dream box
Grounded earth that I love
I re-knit dream

I said in the heart
Welcome to sleep just for you
The goddess of romance song
I forgot to be there

Yes the cupid archer romance
Never right feeling love

I said goodnight dear
In my imagine has loosens
In my yard dear
Hum my poems were giddy
"Good Night Dear" ..


Sun has put out the light,
Separates us after joint
Now the moon has come
Along the beautiful sparkly stars
Studded in the dark sky tonight.

Here in this desolate place myself,
lonely without you beside me,
I can only pensive
In the moonlight and stars,

When these eyes drifted shut
I want to just leave greetings miss
Through the moon and the stars in the sky,
Not to forget, I want to say goodnight to you my lover.

Hopefully we can meet in dreamland us
Beautiful along the moon and stars,
Good Night Love.