All ABout Broken Heart

Expecting you

Poetry: Expecting you

Although I can not sing melodious
Although wind how I was rarely approached
Here I like the mountain ..

Always keep all your sweet smile
Always longing gaze your eyes
And wont move though by the wind passed
And fog enveloped
Still there your steps here
Which is always encouraging day - my day
I'm still here for you

Poetry: It's Just You Do That

Look at me ..
Pensive melancholy, lament wound you give
For the sake of feeling sore heart
The deeper the hurt me

Is not there a bit of flavor in the liver
Is not there a sense of respect in your heart
You hurt me with behaved
One of what I am to you?
One of what could you do it?

You make these cuts.
Imprint, weeping sore sliced
Singing lose of myself
All of them will never come back

I will relent,
For you my friend.
For the sake of her idol of my heart
And no longer possible
I take you back

It is enough you do it
It is enough you do it.

Let me alone.
Let you were with him.
My culture goes far brought this wound
Let you be happy with him.

Poetry: Rain In The Morning

The rain came in this morning
Moisten the world with dreams
Spruce it wet again, folks!
Unfortunately I can not help him
Already wet wet

Slowly, I step forward with my feet toward the house
What can be done?
With my dream dropouts
I danced in my heart
To fathom the deepest trough
For what smart diving?
If the soul is not next to me

Poetry: The Wounded Heart

I sat quietly in the silence
Staring at the sky are reluctant to talk
Somehow he was silent a thousand languages
Is he going to know my grief?

I wound that had been buried
Very deep pain
Pain that can not be stopped
Cuts like a knife scraping

You go with all the memories
So far ... far and away
Leave me alone
Joint injury in the liver

Poetry: Love Dying

Dying feelings of love ..
Are now stranded
Left guard and priests
Locked up and fell into the trough
Then melt along the ocean ..

Dying feelings of love ..
Piled around the reef
Yawning airborne
Then spread to the universe

Dying feelings of love
Which fell before the throne
Erased by hands of light
Transformed into a savage

Now the feeling of love ...
Now that no longer has a charity
All the hostile world
Then rot along soul ..