A Letter From God

A Letter From God

This bright daytime, I will share stories neighbor Letter From God. Hopefully this story can bring us all closer and ourselves to him. Thank you ...

Letter From God
WHEN you wake up in the morning, I look at you and hope you will talk to me, even though only one word ask my opinion or thanking me for something wonderful things that happen in your life today and yesterday.

However, I see you are so busy preparing to go to work. I returned awaits you when you're already. I know there will be a little time for you to say hello to me, but you're too busy. Somewhere, you sit in a chair for fifteen minutes without doing anything. Then I saw you move your feet. I thought you would talk to me, but you ran to the phone and call someone to listen to the latest news.

I saw you when you go to work and I waited patiently all day. With all the zeal I think you are too busy to say something to me. Before lunch I saw you look around, maybe you feel shy to talk to me. That's why you do not bow your head. I know you are looking at three or four tables around you and see some friends talking and calling my name softly before they eat food that I gave. But why you dont mention my name only for single word?

But you do not do it. It's okay, there's still time left and I wish you would talk to me, even when you go home it seems there are still many things that you must do. Then after your job is finished, you also turn on the TV and you spend a lot of time to watch it.

I waited patiently while you watch TV and enjoy your food, but you forget to talk to me. When you sleep, I think you feel too tired. After saying goodnight to your family, you get into the bed and fall asleep without a word in my name you said. That's okay, because you may not be aware that I am always be there for you.

I have to be patient for longer than you ever realized. I even want to teach you how to be patient with others. I love you so much. Every day I look forward to a word, prayer, thanksgiving of mind or heart.

Well you get back up and back I am looking lovingly that today you will give me a little time to greet me. I myself wonder, if one of my thee? Life which I bestowed, health which I gave, which I treasure Relax, food that I serve, children who I send to you? Does it not make you remember me?

Believe me I have always loved you and I still hope one day you will greet me, begging my protection, and prostrate towards me.

Which is always with you at all times,