Close To Die

Story of Napoleon

There is an interesting story when Napoleon's army invaded Russia. The story, in one of the cities where soldiers were fighting Napoleon, suddenly he was separated from his troops. Unfortunately, in that position, there is an army of Cossacks who saw Napoleon so he pursued. Napoleon tried to escape.

Finally, Napoleon arrived in a fur shop seller and he ran into it. There, he met with a fur store owner and asking, "Please help me, hide me up!" The shopkeeper told him to hide in the fur pile most corner of the room. Moments later, the Cossack army also entered the store and said to the owner, "We saw Napoleon come in here. Where is he..? "

Fortunately, the shop owner did not tell hideout of Napoleon. The soldier was rummaging through a pile of feathers. In fact, they stuck feathers repeatedly with knife in their armor. So there is no reaction anymore, they left the store. Once it is safe, Napoleon came out to face the relief. At that moment, the owner of the fur shop with a laugh saying, "Excuse me sir..! If I may ask, how it feels to hide in the feathers, while waiting for the seconds and you know that your life will most likely end soon? "

While thinking of words that should be in charge, at the same time the entered Napoleon's army full of joy to meet Napoleon after seek him on every place. He shouted to the owner of the store, "How dare you ask and laugh at me. guards..! take this man to the field, I want him shot! "then, soldiers carried the shop owner. They tight him up and close his eyes, and ready to be shot. With trembling, the shop owner was waiting with fear when he heard the voice, "Guard..! ready to fire...!!!?!?! one.. two.. three..". but there was no explosion of weapon. Next, he heard the sound of paws and his eyes were opened. There, he saw the face of Napoleon who seriously asked him, "Well, now you already know how I feel?"

This story illustrates an interesting lesson. Sometimes we are totally insensitive to the feelings of others.