Don't Read This Or You Will Regret

gadis aneh
Famous quote "Do not judge a book by the cover" which means not only its face value anything if you do not know the "content" of it. So maybe the way I perceive it. This turned out to be valid also for me, when yesterday afternoon while riding public transportation home from just off the miss of the bookstore that has been somewhat relatively long time not to see.

At the intersection of the road that routine I passed, suddenly there is a sweet student girl and look slang today to ride public transportation which I was riding. I told slang for smart teens showing characteristic of the middle class up energetic metropolis with a straight cropped haircut, wear jean, casual clothes plus shawl wrapped around the neck, backpack and low-heeled shoes sneakers spring. It seems normal is not it?

But no, because it makes me a little annoyed with the attitude indifferently. There are still plenty of seating in the public transportation, but why she chose instead to sit in the middle seat door. This of course would disturb other passengers who will fluctuate. Consequently he had to go down to 2 times as she received a call on her cellular because there also happened to be her friend calling. Maybe that's annoying too, she finally moved to a seat inside. In my heart ya say ", anyway really hard to make it easy for other people" ...

From all that as usual I immediately judge that she's the type of people who do not care about the comfort of others. Because when down she chose not convenient place, in a narrow corner where the other vehicle was also passing by asked the way, when only a few seconds before the public transportation that do not degrade the other passengers away from that place. In my heart also say "huh .. why does not go down with the earlier one, yet not much is also just a few steps away ..."

Which makes me a bit stunned and forced to re-review all of what I said was she said "thank ya ..." to the bus driver with her friendly voice when receiving refunds public transportation fare, the driver pack answered "equally" with a frown. Not the ordinary passengers, because I rarely "even" do not ever see people who say thank you to the driver simply because the money back. Including me too! Thanks a lot has advised me girl! and Thankyou for reading this bad english at all. lol

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