Philani Dladla - The Bookworm on the sidewalk

Philani Dladla - The Bookworm on the sidewalk
Philani Dladla was born in a poor family in South Africa. He developed a passion for books and devouring everything he gets his hands on. He is harassed for his hobby of other children. But this is Philani Dladla matter. At this time he does not know that books will one day save his life. As a teenager Philani Dladla gets in bad circles and drug addict. He loses everything in his life and ends up on the street. Without shelter and without a job, he ekes out a miserable existence. Despair, sorrow and hopelessness dominate his life. But Philani Dladla wants to fight and remembers back to his books.

Philani Dladla: "People need to be excited for reading, they read"

He begins to spend his cadged money on books instead of buying drugs for it. In the beginning, it is primarily self help books. Then many other plants are added such as novels or nonfiction. Philani Dladla sets out to sell his books read on the streets of Johannesburg. Passersby get an accurate description of the contents of books and Philani Dladla explains the merits of each work. Books with good review from him he sells expensive, other books with poor review he sells cheaper.

Additionally visit many homeless children Philani Dladla also told them stories from the books and shows them that it is not harmful to read a good book. Again and again he has presented this to the children with the condition that they tell him what they have read. The Bookworm on the sidewalk is known quickly and people appreciate his great knowledge of the books.

Philani Dladla: "There are too many children who can not read, we need to change. I want to help other children "

By selling the books Philani Dladla can soon earn his livelihood. In addition, he is engaged as a speaker to show that you can be a different person by reading. Philani Dladla further supports homeless people and cares primarily for street children to teach them to read.

Philani Dladla: "I do not want that poor children are prevented from realizing their dreams. Therefore, I give them books to read "

When we see the next time a homeless man with a pile of books, maybe we should take a closer look. Because it could be a bookworm like Philani Dladla be struggling with books for a better world, and much more of themselves are, as he demands from others. A homeless inspires people far beyond the borders of South Africa.

Philani Dladla: "You do not have to be rich to change the world. If you inspire a people, then you have already changed the world "