Mark Bustos. The hairdresser who presents new luck

Mark Bustos. The hairdresser who presents new luck
Mark Bustos works in a prestigious hair salon in New York. As Hairstylist he earned well, but its services are expensive and not everyone can afford to get a haircut. Mark Bustos is aware of this condition.

Mark Bustos: "I just wanted to bring some positive energy and hope in the world"

In his spare time, he did not lean back, but makes his profession on his hobby. Mark Bustos start strolls through the streets of New York and coiffed free homeless people. Homeless are not interested in a new hairstyle? Think again. Almost all that Mark Bustos quickly responds, are very pleased by his offer. Because it gives them a sense of recognition and gives them back their dignity.

Mark Bustos: "No matter where you come from, I think we all know how it feels to get a haircut"

Mark Bustos inspired the world with his charity. He rips the homeless from their hopelessness and leaves everywhere beaming faces. It is the story of a simple barber who makes a small gesture the world a better place.

Mark Bustos: "Every human life has the same value"