Hailey Fort, A 9 year old little angel building wooden huts for the homeless

As a small child can not stand how bad things are homeless. Hailey Fort. She begs her parents to, food for people to buy on the street and puts an extra a vegetable garden in order to distribute healthy food. But that is not enough. Hailey Fort will no longer watch as homeless to get wet in the rain and be cold without a roof over your head in winter.

Hailey Fort: "I think everyone should have a place to live"

Supported by her grandfather begins this 9 year old girl, on a mobile hut (about 2.5 x 1.2 meters) to build. While other children of their age have fun and games in mind, Hailey builds Fort every spare minute on their projects. It actually looks like a large doghouse. In reality, this little house is a miracle for disadvantaged homeless.

As a fellow homeless from, Hailey Fort restarted sees the miniature house, tears come to her eyes. The small cottage has a door, windows and even isolation. Cardboard boxes are a thing of the past, the homeless for the first time to feel get a private piece of home. Hailey Fort Decides further to build houses. Confident, she works with percussion drills, nail guns or other tools. Since they can not finance alone with their pocket money this project, it is based ado to get money a crowdfunding campaign on the Internet. They collect additional food, mobile phones or painkillers to assist homeless so.

Hailey Fort

In addition, this little girl is bursting of other ideas. the finances, for example, mailboxes for the homeless, to enable them to address in order to apply for a job. A 9-year-old girl makes the world a better place. They are needy people again feel they are valued and loved. Hailey Fort is the best proof that one is never too young or too old to do something good. A really great story about a girl with a great heart!

Hailey Fort: "It just seems not right that there are homeless people"