Patrik Baboumian - The strongest man in Germany

Patrik Baboumian - The strongest man in Germany
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Patrik Baboumian was born on July 1st, 1979 in the city of Abadan in Iran, and already lost his father by a car accident when he was a small child. In the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution he grew up in a very uncertain time and had to deal with many nightmares. Due to the problematic life situation, the family moved to Germany to build a new life. When Patrik Baboumian as a teenager first saw competitions on bodybuilding on television, he immediately fell in love with this sport. At the age of 15, Patrik Baboumian began to train his muscles and lift weights. With great ambition he stepped up his body and soon achieved his first success, so he became an international German champion in junior bodybuilding.

Over time, however, he realized that his diet did not fit his way of life. Patrik Baboumian loved animals and felt sympathy with them when they were in need. So it happened that he even carried a small caterpillar out of the bus so she was not crushed. Although he ate meat every day, he could not stand this disagreement in his life and decided to become a vegetarian. From this time he renounced all the food which came from slaughtered animals. With this view, he stood alone in bodybuilding, because his competitors mocked Patrik Baboumian for this step. Because a sportsman without a strong meat food simply could not work.

Patrik Baboumian: "I want nothing to do with the industry, the animals considered as goods have"

Patrik Baboumian remained strong despite many critical voices and turned his diet completely. Instead of buying meat, he bought tofu, oatmeal, or legumes to cover his great need for protein. While his opponents reckoned with a performance drop, to the great surprise was exactly the opposite. Patrik Baboumian gained strength as a vegetarian and won numerous competitions as a sportsman and set up records. In the Strongman Championships, he also won the title "Strongest Man of Germany" in August 2011. But Patrik Baboumian did not have enough, because now he wanted to go on the whole and feed himself completely vegan. He also wanted to dispense with all foodstuffs of animal origin, such as milk and eggs. Again, he met with little interest for his plans, but what happened afterwards surprised even the most unthinkable experts.

Patrik Baboumian: "I was a little uncertain whether my performance without dairy products would be hold as a protein source. I should experience a big surprise"

After Patrik Baboumian had become a vegan, he felt much better than ever before. He was less over-acid, recovered faster from strenuous workouts, and had fewer joint problems. He not only increased his physical well-being, but also his achievements as a top sportsman. Patrik Baboumian won a European Championship title and set some world records in the sport. The doctors' concern that their blood values ​​would no longer fit was also unfounded. Patrik Baboumian had never had better values, even though he completely renounced meat and milk, which was regarded as a basic requirement by many nutritionists.

Patrik Baboumian: "I weigh as much as ever. I'm not so overly acidized, just feel good and? Do not laugh, easier?"

Patrik Baboumian completely turned the typical cliché of a vegan on the head. In an impressive manner he showed man that a life without flesh was not a renunciation, but a newly discovered joy of life. In addition, he publicly championed a vegan lifestyle and put an end to industrial massaging and animal suffering. The trenches between the vegans and the so-called "meat eaters" Were often very deep and hardly to be bridged. Patrik Baboumian admitted at least with the prejudice that one went as a vegan powerless through life. For despite the bewilderment of all experts, he succeeded in becoming the strongest man in Germany with meatless nutrition.

Patrik Baboumian: "I was ridiculed at the beginning. Meanwhile, my flesh-consuming competition is wondering if she is doing something wrong. I would recommend anyone to always look outside the box and make their own experiences"