Jessica Eaves - The robbed woman who paid a thief to shopping

Jessica Eaves - The robbed woman who paid a thief to shopping
Jessica Eaves was just in a supermarket, to do her shopping list item by item. Suddenly she noticed that her wallet missing from her purse. Horrified she looks around. Immediately it can make a man who comes as the only suspect in question, otherwise nobody is near them. Jessica Eaves now takes all her courage.

She runs to get the man to take her own wallet, the thief should gave her wallet back, she gave two choices to that man, forgives him and paid for purchases or she would call the police. The man is stunned, staring at the woman aghast. Without further ado, he gives her the wallet back. As promised pays Jessica Eaves let the man shopping, consisting of bread, sausage, cheese, milk and biscuits. Just over $ 27 paid Jessica Eaves for the man. Normally she never cash on them, but on this day she has plug surprisingly exactly 28 dollars.

Jessica Eaves: "What I did, really should be normal"

The man then started to tears, it turns out that he has two children at home and is completely hungry. He apologizes to Jessica Eaves and will never forget this day, when he robbed a woman has actually helped to pay for his purchases. It is perhaps this selfless and warmhearted act that will change the lives of people in need forever.

Jessica Eaves: "No matter how much money we have, we should be always ready to help those who are in need, because there is always someone who is more helpless than us"