You have the great chance to be truly happy

You have the great chance to be truly happy

If I go, then I go
One day a group of businessmen visited a wise scholar to learn the secret of satisfaction from it. "Sir," they asked, "what are you doing to be so happy and satisfied? We are working day and night, have a family at home and earn a lot of money, but we are not happy. "

The teacher answered wisely seed words: "If I go, then I go. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep. "

The business looked at each other in amazement and were impatient. "But we do it the same as you, we go, eat and sleep. So what is now your secret shrouded in legend? "

The teacher was back in response: "If I go, then I go. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep. "

After a moment, the scholars added, "Surely you also goes, eat and sleep like any other human being. But as you go, you're wondering what ever you shall eat. While you eat, you already deflected off the radio or TV and when you go to sleep, you are already thinking about the challenges of the next day. So your thoughts are always somewhere else and not where they should be really, that the here and now. Life does not take place in the past nor in the future. Let yourself for this moment, and you have the great chance to be truly happy and content. "

The Tortoise and the tank
A little boy was visiting his grandfather on the farm. By chance he found a little tortoise and brought them home with me. He immediately wanted to examine it, but the tortoise withdrew their tanks. The boy tried everything to lure them out of the tank, but without success. When the boy then took a stick, stepped in the grandfather and prevented the boys because the animal to press on.

"That's the wrong way," he said to the boy, "I will show you how to do it properly."

He took the animal and put it on the warm stove. In a few minutes, the turtle was warm, stuck out her delicate head and his feet and crawled to the astonished boy.

Grandfather said in a calm voice: "People are sometimes like turtles. Never try to force anyone. Heat it with some warmth, and he is able to leave his tank. "