I believe you can certainly reach the top of the mountain!

In the morning in a village, seen a young man with a cloth bundle containing provisions on his back underway with the goal of climbing to the top of the famous mountain. The legend says that, at the peak of the mountain there is a wonderful view like being in heaven.

Once on the slopes, seen a small house inhabited by an old man. After greeting homeowners, youth say the words "Sir, I want to climb this mountain. Please help me, show me the way that is most convenient to reach to the top of the mountain".

The old man reluctantly raised his hand and showed the way with three fingers, "There is a third way to the top, you can choose the left, middle or right side?" "If I chose the left?" "The left past there are many rocks". after saying goodbye and say thank you, young man hurried on his way.

A few hours later with sweat profusely, the boy looked back at the door of the old man's house. "Sir, I am not able to pass the steep rocks". "The road next to where else should I pass?" The old man smiled reappoint three fingers answered "Pick yourself, left, middle or right side?" "If I choose the right path?" "Right next to a lot of thorns".

After a short rest, the young man set off back up. A few hours later, he returned again to the old man's house. With fatigue young man said, "Sir, I really want to reach the top of the mountain. The road right and left have I traveled, I thought I kept circling in the same place so I did not manage to climb to higher ground and must be returned here without results I wanted, please show me the way other pack flat and easier so I managed to climb up to the top of the mountain "

The old man seriously listened to the young man, glowering he said firmly: "Young man! If you want to get to the top of the mountain, there is no way flat and easy! Obstacles such as rocks and brambles, should you pass, even sometimes stalemate you must face. During the desire to reach the top of it remains shaky, face all obstacles!

Face all the challenges that exist! Live your step step by step, you will definitely reached the top of the mountain as you want! and enjoy the incredible views !!! Do you understand? With amazement the boy heard all the words the old man, smiling happily he replied "I understand sir, I understand!

Thank you! I am ready for the step by step all the obstacles and challenges that exist! Determination me more determined to climb again to reach the summit of this mountain. With a satisfied smile the old man said, "Young man, I believe you can certainly reach the top of the mountain!" survivors fight !!! 

There is no straight way to success! Just like mountain climbing analogy earlier attainment process. To be successful as you would like, No flat road! there are no shortcuts! At times, obstacles, difficulties and failures always come off. If you have weak mentally, afraid of challenges, do not believe in yourself, then what we want is certainly going aground middle of the road. Only with mental and determination, have the commitment to keep fighting, then you can tread on the peak of success.