For All The Tears

Why God why

Together with my self here, I'll return
what I have ever borrow in advance:

Eyes still wet and shiny by tear as before
when you're shedding on my shoulder
while you were whispering in my ear:
The tears of the most grief,
keep well,
someday I'll need it back
to weep for the most stifling soul.

Tears in recent years
has successfully made more resilient
because every time I would complain about anything
tears reminded me that
grief yet nothing compared to the grief you have prepared,
although I do not know what kind of sadness
which requires the sad tears.

Tears that you received
and you put back into the eye.
Then you ran into a tomb
in a corner of the soul
for a good cry there.
Weeping hunk of faith
formerly with you afford
talk with God.
His voice heard by every ears,
and words immediately executed.
God is present as a silent
and with tears
excite you desire.
"God, please speak! I want to hear your beautiful sound... "

By Norman AS