The Crazyness of Poetry



I say again about the full moon ..
One day ..
Ever imagined the full moon seems with full smile and headed in the opposite direction
Beginnings of the months of Dzulhijah
Full moon will soon go
And the black box that floats it would abject the life
Until it disappeared without a definite of direction
There is no end of story ..

Thanks to a words
Top loyalty accompany decorate my dream
Until I woke back and realize
That so many favors of God to be grateful

I remind you, keep secret meeting ever whispered On the night ..
Beautiful evening of light makes you so perfect
Our story will never end,
Because the Moon will always be on every time ..

By Astrie Linda


Star ...
Are you Satisfied to make me sad
Here I weep for thee
When you give me the beautiful words

Star ...
Where are you now?
My cheeks are now wetted by the cries
While calling your name "My star"

Star ...
Here I faithfully waiting.
But now, it's different with days ago
Now you're not with me.
May you remain faithful to remember

Star ...
Now, in my days there were only your shadows
Now in my every prayer not spared by the name of you
Now in every Morning light my night only one who accompanied me
Star.. Goodbye My Love

By Ayu Annafi


Do you asked sincerity, sincerity
or whatever you call understanding the meaning of love
because the heart has on you ..

If the sincere hope you are parting
if you sincerely means departure
if the meaning of love is a mutual desire to hurt ...
I'm sorry I wholeheartedly love

Sell it heart your love!

O love ..
I'm angry at petty of your hidden
I was disappointed would be perfume and your thick lip
I think the heart can not be bought,
I thought love lively and deadly ..

Treacherous robs conscience!

Ooo.. The liar of love!
go, do not take it recalls above all of my love!

Ooo.. The jerk of love!
get out and bring all thought on your disgusting love!

Let me alone,
Yes, alone ...

By bandit Pupils


Never mind if the evening twilight switch
Shortly afterwards
Moonlight wandered over
But the stars are reluctant to accompany

I am fine
I just wanted to own
Just wanted to spend this sense
Just want to paint your smile in a quiet

It does not matter if I cry today
If , my miss very deep and painful
I want you here to kill my loneliness

I just want you to understand
This is what I taste and I will not deny
I just wanted to own
Shut up, locking lips and its own

It does not matter if I cry today
I care for you
For us, you, me and now
For a reason I never understand

So let me alone tonight
It does not matter if I cry because I still have a heart
To feel, to ask, to give
To hope and to love yourself