I Dont Know How to Love

I Dont Know How to Love

I may not be the person who knows how to love
I was also not good at seducing, and if I liked something usually only able to stare at.
No matter how long it dissolves the light of my eyes
because it may have missed a trip thousands of twilight
or maybe spring orange.
Because I do not know the story of romantic colors of the rainbow

I do not know persuasion spoiled
it's all because of the dust of alienation that can not be understood everyone
What's wrong with being not the same?
Is not every star will remain even if the colors are different twinkling
instead of ocean color will remain the same despite different waves nevertheless

i have no idea ...
what's a night
whatever its meaning also drizzle
even walk between them was often fun
if necessary while dancing and stared at the sky
to then lie in the smile
only because common sense has paralyzed
just because a name has grown into a flowering garden

maybe a bench decorated with pine in hill's top
pretty as a sparkling all imaginary
This is only a promising of sweetness night fade
though not understood, at least the longing has brought billions of grass dance
and written in the track of time and stored as memories

Banda Aceh
3:00 AM