Be Loved



There's something feels empty
when the ceiling is getting old
there is something feels different
when the rain suspended between cloud

Alone and lonely, I just want to run
browse the dream which never trimmed
or should I just stand here
to read the rainbow temple moribund

At the end of the day ...
When dusk passed and gone
When the heart is stopped singing
I want you back
Here, once again ... !!!!

Ivane Wiejaya, September *


I interpret this difficult to taste ..
Though clearly visible in my eyes.
My mind says "yes"
and my heart says "no"

When all clearly illustrated in front of me
you scatter a thousand beautiful words
for her.. her ..and them ..

Maybe I was one of your love victims ..
It is not easy to erase all memory about you ..

You are truly the conqueror of heart.. I admit defeat ..
for all you give ..
flower ... gifts..poems ..poetries ..
all beautifully strung me ..

You're the destroyer of my heart ..
I swayed and injured ..

By Tiara Mela Sari


You present to bring new colors
You treat my wounds of the past
You are able to change my life
Much better than long ago

You are a simple man who is able to provide exceptional love
Love that could not dictated by words
Hear what is not said
Understand what is not explained

Thank you love ....
For all the things that you give
Sincere love and also teaching about various things
You have been taught what it is to appreciate, accept, grateful, sincere and independent
Now I was able to stand here calmly through all the personal problems
And now I have understood what it is to live and also true love

Hope every dream will become true
Live happily together forever
Hopefully a sense among us never fade along the time
So There is no gap for other love

By Kania Yuliasari