Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality
"Arghhh .... Rats! I hate rat..Kill it"
My friend Tina was screaming hysterically and surprised jump when there was a rat passes her. She looked shocked and shivering find a rat passes her less than 1 meter.

The rat is a rat black house that sometimes we found in the street or at the dusk. Well, why would I tell about this to you? You see, there is a strange thing that makes me think .. Why is she so afraid of seeing a rat is nearby?

Rats are not biting or running towards her feet .. But strangely, she was shocked as those who actually experience the great fear. The rat scare her but the same mice did not give any fear me or my friends.

Many people go through life with a view that is wrong about something. They see the problem that actually does not exist. They feel like frightened when they were fine and they see little things and raise it so that it becomes a major crisis. I remember a phrase, "Perception is reality".

Perspective is a reality. As the story above, the rat is not wrong. There is nothing wrong at all with the mouse. However, the perception of these mice to themselves each different.

Tina saw a rat as a major threat to life. But many people do not understand this. They tend to think that it is about "what lay beyond" ... something that comes to those who make them bankrupt, sick, unhappy, unhealthy ... you get the idea right? They do not know about "5 Magical Words" FORMING YOUR MIND OF YOUR LIFE.

Listen carefully. What you see in life (in the outside world) created by what you see in your world first (what you think, what you feel, and what you visualize in your mind). So if you look at the life, you feel like you do not go forward, to feel that you are always broke or

You can not get the success you desire .. HOW you must change the way you look at things. Because when you change your perspective on everything, everything you see will change.

So if the next time you feel yourself in a situation where you think like: * It is not enough * I can not afford it * I'll never get ahead * I'm not good enough * I can not find true love Realize that this is a problem "perception" and OPTIONS to see your life in success and prosperity, knowing that you will not lack anything too ... this is your perception. Because when you start imagining what you want than what you do not want .. Something extraordinary will happen. Just like the story above, if you want to eliminate your fear in rats or anything .. you have to find out in advance why you are scared and change your view of your fears. Thankyou.

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