Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'm a superstar"

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'm a superstar"
Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on 30 July 1947 the small village of Thal in Austria and grew up in a poor family. In the house there was no TV, no phone and no running hot water. Since there was often little to eat in bad times, his mother begged for neighboring farms to some flour or butter and built behind the house itself fruits and vegetables to feed the family. The father, who worked as a police officer, used the typical in that time strict upbringing. Order and discipline belonged to everyday life, such as the beating of the father. A balance in this difficult childhood was Arnold Schwarzenegger in the sport, he tried in swimming or in boxing and also played by clubs in a football club. But as he was a very frail boy, his coach sent him to weight training, that he was able to strengthen his legs.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger put his first modest weights at the age of 15 years, it sparked in him a new passion. From then he began increasingly to train with the weights and gave it all his other sporting activities on. At that time bodybuilding only a minor sport, which has been practiced in some dusty side rooms because large gyms did not exist. Arnold Schwarzenegger but wanted to break out of poverty and destitution, and the bodybuilding now gave him a chance. He steeled his body like a man possessed, the people thought he was soon mad, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was convinced of his unusual projects. Every day he trained tirelessly and broke even one day in the training room a sealed, to be able just to his training schedule persevere persevere.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I was one who has not been adjusted and whose will could not be broken"

With incredible ambition and a big dose of discipline, the former petite and unassuming Arnold Schwarzenegger developed within a short time a muscle-bound athletes. He won first Bodybuilding Championships and was selected at the age of 20 years for recent sensational "Mister Universe", one of the highest titles which were bestowed in bodybuilding. This award brought for Arnold Schwarzenegger a big boost in his racing career and he therefore moved to the US, where he could train more professional. Through an extraordinary willpower, he developed his body and was more resistant to short time later already winner of "Mr. Olympia ". He dominated in the years that followed the entire bodybuilder scene and gained thereby a high level of awareness, but now he wanted to realize his next big goal, because he wanted to become a famous movie actor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I set a goal, it visualized and developed the urge to put it into reality"

It has never had such a muscular bodybuilder trying to enforce as an actor in the film industry Hollywood. After his first film role, "Hercules in New York", he was torn to pieces by the critics in the air, not only the lack of quality of the film has been criticized, but also as an actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who often attended with his peculiar accent confusion. But he was not discouraged by this failure and learned from this defeat. He began taking acting classes and prove rhetoric courses to mend his shortcoming. Still, he was not taken seriously for his project, because no one believed that he would ever make it as an actor. Only Arnold Schwarzenegger was convinced and continued to work hard on his acting career.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "It may be my name, you like my accent is not, you do not like my body, but fuck it, I'm a superstar"

For his next movie role he prepared himself very conscientiously and took several months teaching in swordplay. Barbarian film "Conan the Barbarian" was actually a great success, and Arnold Schwarzenegger could thus also grab his next major role. At the age of 37, he played in the science fiction movie "Terminator" the villain so convincing that he could convince his greatest critics and the strip developed into a veritable cult film. Arnold Schwarzenegger built his career as an actor then by great commitment further and he became one of the world's most popular actors.

Although his advisers dissuaded him decided it, Arnold Schwarzenegger summed despite successful acting career the bold decision to go into politics. When this became public, people just shook their heads and were expected a huge debacle. But Arnold Schwarzenegger did not listen to the many negative votes and went his own way consistently to realize his plan. On 17 November 2003, and after an incredible effort he managed actually the great sensation and was in California, the most populous and most influential state in the US, the supreme head of government (governor) sworn. He accomplished it later to be re-elected in his position and exercise the full term in this high position.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was his positive attitude towards life a model for many people in the world. He wanted the best bodybuilder in the world and put it into practice, even though he was only ridiculed for his dream. He wanted to be a famous actor in Hollywood and put it into practice, even though he was only laughed at for his plan. He wanted to become a powerful politician and put it into practice, although not acknowledged him the spark of a chance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved its goals, because he never allowed himself to be limited by the views of others. He formed his own rules and worked so consistently and tenaciously to his visions until they were actually reality.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "If my life were a movie, so that no one would believe. The important thing is that you have a goal in mind "