Confuse English, After All

Story of a kid daily activities
When late morning I woke up at 5:00 when I woke up to tidy up my bed, after I shower in the morning after bathing I wear school uniform, I had breakfast in the morning, put on shoes, and said goodbye to my parents to leave school. delivered by my father. I go to school to study. to school when I was met with a friend, and my teacher. when the bell rang for the bell, I will belajar.dan time after learning, the first recess bell rang. break when I had lunch with my friends. when the bell rang to go home, I immediately go home on foot along with my friends.
when it came to the house I change my clothes after I change clothes immediately lunch. after lunch I perform the noon prayer worship. after prayer I was immediately break for a nap. after waking up, already in the early afternoon. I also help my mama do homework, because both my parents worked, I showered afternoon and after that I do worship the Asr prayer.

after that, I also do homework (homework) dfari school assignments. after maghrib azan I also to the mosque to worship maghrib prayer in congregation. I come home after dinner. after eating I learned not to do (PR) but to read a book LKS / package. after reading the book I also menyiapkam for tomorrow. after preparing buku.aku not forget wash your hands, wash your feet, and brushing teeth. after I went to bed.

That's the story of my daily life, until here before ya :)
Is it Funny? No at all? Why you still read?

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