A Real Live Hero

A Real Live Hero

The funeral day of Tugce Albayrak is sorrow day for the family and the world. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people attended the funeral ceremony conducted in a mosque in Waechtersbach before being buried in her native town. Not only that, ambassador to Turkey also took part in the funeral ceremony and the president of Germany Joachim Gauck also given a special award for the courage of the woman who died at the age of 23 years old.

As reported by bbc.com, Tugce died after she protect two teenage girls from interference group of evil men. On 15 November, Tugce heard the cries of the toilet a McDonald's fast food restaurant in the city of Offenbach, not far from Frankfurt. The screams from the two girls were immediately made Tugce immediately rushed to their rescue.

But unfortunately, when Tugce out of the restaurant and arrived at the parking lot, a man attacked and hit her head. Instantly Tugce fall and unconscious. The man was a member of the genk who had previously participated in harassing two teenagers were saved by Tugce.

After the beating tragedy, Tugce was in a coma for two weeks. The doctors also stated that Tugce will never be conscious because her dead brain after the attack.

This woman was also become an inspiration to the world population. Her courage rescue two teenagers who abused has been recognized as a heroic act and not everyone is willing to do so. No wonder the woman who is the teacher candidates were referred to as a national hero in Germany. "She will always be remembered for her extraordinary courage," said one of the speakers in the funeral of Tugce.

Many people carried roses in a funeral ceremony of Tugce. There is also a photograph of mourners that pinned Tugce in on their chests. A number of other young women also make a poster that read, "We can easily forget the people who made us cry. We will always remember the people who made us smile." A girl as she tearfully also revealed that Tugce is a girl jolly and fun.

Tugce funeral ceremony was not attended only by relatives and people who knew her. Many people who attended the funeral despite Tugce not know personally. "I did not know her," said an Iranian woman. "It just feels sad. Tugce is a beautiful young girl," She added.

President of Germany Joachim Gauck expressed profound grief over the tragedy that befell Tugce. He also said that Tugce will always be an example to us all, given the Tugce bold action that can not be done any other person. Petition to make Tugce as heroines were already getting at least 100,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, the man who attacked Tugce, Senal M of Sand┼żak, A serbian is in the process of law.

Ladies, hopefully this Tugce tragedy never occur again in any hemisphere. And we wish all Tugce get the best place in God side. "Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public, - Cornel West."

Photo By; bbc.com