A True Hero Sacrifice Herself to Her Students

gan shu
Based on true story of the struggle of a woman who worked as a teacher willing to sacrifice herself for the progress of her students. This woman lived in a small village in the province of Gan Shu china.

At first she was not a prostitute, every resident in the village do not understand why a girl as pretty as Xia that has a beautiful face and body in such a charming does not do the job like the other girls. Because Xia reject this, his father always punish her. One day Xia heard that a village school requires the services of a teacher Xia immediately volunteered to be a teacher with no salary.

Xia fitting into the first day of school to become a teacher, each student was shocked and amazed with the beauty of their new teacher Since then Class has always been filled with laughter every student. Class they are more worthy to be called as a shelter than a normal school bench. In a class of this dying condition, Xia taught thousands of words of chinese and other knowledge to her students one day a big storm destroys their class all the students can not continue their education. Then the principal came to town to discuss the matter with the mayor who takes care of the education department budget in order to contribute money to improve their school.

The headmaster told Xia that the mayor will give you money if only Xia who came to him and asked for money to him personally, Xia who have never been out of the village and left her home and never met the previous mayor, has decided to leave home to visit the mayor. Previous Xia worry if she does not visit him will mess up the school, but she still decided to go for the sake of her disciples.

Xia walked more than 10 kilos for the mayor's office after arriving, Xia sitting in front of a nice office in the room of the mayor. Arriving at the office, the mayor welcomed the arrival Xia with a pair of hunters who are hungry eyes Xia and show his hands into a room and say "The money you need is there in the room. If you want it, you must follow me "Xia see a room with a big bed, the bed was the mayor has claimed her virginity, the mayor has been raped Xia. Fresh blood of a virgin has left scars and traces in the bed linen, the red blood becomes more red than the Chinese national flag colors. Xia did not cry at all that their minds are students who would be disappointed if there is no class for them to learn.

After that Xia immediately returned to her house and do not tell to anyone about the incident just happened. The next day, the villagers buy wood and improve schools from the money Xia gave. However, when there is heavy rain, the class still can not be used. Xia told her disciples that the mayor will build a good school for them. In approximately 6 months, the principal visited the mayor 10 times but still did not get the funding promised to them. Only the mayor who knows what has happened in the Xia but can not do much about it.

By the time the new semester changed, many students who could not attend school because of the cost and they have to help their parents to work. Class size is reduced. Xia very sad about that condition. When Xia know that her students have lost hope. She then returned to her room. Xia opened hier shirt, and look at her naked body in the mirror. Xia vowed to wear a beautiful body to realize the dream of her students to be able to go back to school again. Xia know all the girls of the village to work as prostitutes in the city to make money and it's an easy way for her to earn money. She cleaned herself and say goodbye to the principal, father and school.

She tied her hair and walked toward the city. When she went to the city, her father smiled proudly but sad cry principals will do Xia choice. In the life of the city, Xia is not very unhappy, she suffered, in the minds of her mind, there is only a class that was destroyed and concern and sadness and disappointment expression of her students. Xia went into the salon, lying on the bed were dirty and dirty work in the world suffer from sexual immorality. That night in her diary Xia wrote "The mayor can not be compared with the first guest is more severe and more cruel but at least it has been paying guest and gave the money"
Xia sends all her earnings to the principal's money by saving on the cost of his life in hopes of sending more to the principal.

The headmaster of the school received the money and follow to use the money to build a school. When every person who asks the source of the money, the school principal said only that derived from donations from social organizations. But over time, the people ig the village knows that the source of funds from a former teacher named Xia. Many Reporters who wish to cover this news but rejected by Xia on the grounds that he was just an ordinary prostitute. With the money, the school has changed drastically. The first month, there is a new whiteboard. Second months, there are wooden benches and stools. The third month, every student has a book each. The Fourth onths, each student has a tie respectively. Months to five, no matter what a student comes to school without shoes.

The sixth month, Xia welcomed back to visit the school and the students happily greet "Teacher, you have come back teacher, you look so beautiful" Seeing the excitement of her disciples, Xia has no power to weep. No matter how many tears are falling and how much suffering, complaints and sad story that he went through in 6 months, Xia feel all sad story and her suffering was very balanced and appropriate for the price she paid to see what Xia see when it . After a few days at home, Xia back to town. In the seventh month, the school has had a new playing field. In the eighth month, the school build a basketball court, on the ninth month, each student has an new pencil. At month 10, the school has an own national flag, each student can raise the flag every day.
Until a time Xia introduced to a businessman. The foreign businessmen willing to pay 3000 dollars for one night.

With a tired mind that has been through a few years ago, Xia with the hotel tired towards foreign businessmen. She swears that it is the last dirty work to herself, and after that she will return to her village and at school together. But fate who knows, really tragic had happened that night where Xia swear for the last time, Xia raped and tortured until she was killed by three foreign businessmen. Xia still be aged 21 years old. Xia then died without reaching the last desire, which is to build a good class with 2 computers that can be used by students.

A whore has died, silence filled with tears. When the city of Shenzen sky is still blue like the ocean. The students, teachers and several hundred residents attended the funeral of Xia in a small village called "GanShu" At that time, all could only see black and white photos in the photo's of the Xia Xia tied her hair with a happy smile. The headmaster open diary Xia and read in front of the disciples of her disciples and Xia wrote "Once a whore, can help a child who does not go to school. Once become a female prostitute, could build a school that has lost hope. The flag is flown at half-mast.
Thankyou Xia, You make us more humanity.