Tom Cruise: "Life is an adventure "

Tom Cruise: "Life is an adventure "
Tom Cruise was born in the town of Syracuse (New York State, USA) on July 03, 1962, grew up together with his three sisters in a poor family on. His childhood was marked by the constant relocations of his parents, who had no fixed abode. By financial difficulties the family also Tom Cruise had to help, so he wore, for example, at the age of eight newspapers. Through the constant change of residence Tom had to repeatedly change the school, a total of 15 school change he had to endure in his childhood. This obviously had an impact on his emotional life.

Tom Cruise: "I felt empty, was anxious, nervous and frustrated"

The school made Tom Cruise difficult to create because he was always the outsider. He also suffered from a reading and writing disorder, which is why he was often teased. Did he even make new friends, he had to change schools again. Tom Cruise was a shy student, due to constant humiliations he suffered on top of that from a lack of self-confidence. A little variety he found in theater school, where he starred with enthusiasm, and in sports. He was a member of the team and Ringer learned here by his achievements a lot of praise and recognition. However, he was soon retired with a knee injury, the sport was no longer a ray of hope for him.

Now Tom Cruise decided further his enthusiasm for school plays and decided to become an actor. For this reason he moved at the age of 18 years to New York City to pursue his dream. Once there, he enrolled immediately in a drama school ("Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre") and worked henceforth unceasingly on his training as an actor. Besides, he had many odd jobs to accept, for example, as a waiter, to somehow be able to earn his livelihood. It was a hard life and Tom Cruise tried also to come to film commitments at auditions. Despite passionate performances he heard only refusals, because he just was not pretty enough and was also grown too small, so it was a chance not casting agency.

Tom Cruise ignored the many rejections and still believed in his talent as an actor. He repeatedly visited Castings, and again he was sent away. At the age of 19 years, his persistence paid off, however, Tom Cruise actually landed his first small supporting role in the film "Endless Love". His spirited appearance soon remained other directors not hidden and Tom Cruise now got more film offers. He was no longer the shy boy from earlier, he was now a young man with an amazing charisma, with a lot of self-confidence and an exceptional talent for acting. His big break later succeeded a short time with the film "Top Gun", which made him known throughout the world in one fell swoop.

Tom Cruise: "As a young actor I always thought: This is what I love! And I hope I can do that for the rest of my life! "

Tom Cruise on working doggedly on his career and stood around the clock in front of the camera. He turned many famous blockbuster ("A Few Good Men", "The Company", "Mission: Impossible" and "Jerry Maguire - Game of Life") and launched an incredible international career as a film actor.

Tom Cruise managed by a difficult childhood and a shy outsider to a world-famous actor. He worked hard for his success and always believed in his talent as an actor, although many voices claiming exactly the opposite. This positive mindset also helped him put away setbacks and face ever new challenges.

Tom Cruise: "There is always fear. But you have to ignore the fear. I go my way. Life is an adventure "