Johnny Depp: "I had a lot of anger and sadness in me"

Johnny Depp: "I had a lot of anger and sadness in me"
Johnny Depp was on 09. June 1963 in the city of Owensboro (USA, Kentucky) was born, his father worked as an engineer and his mother was a waitress. Because the family had to move very often, it was very hard for Johnny Depp, to find the right friends. They lived in about 20 different places and also the family situation was tense, as there were frequent disputes between parents. When he received a used electric guitar at the age of 12 years, Johnny Depp took refuge in music. He taught himself to play the guitar himself and practiced every spare moment, it should be his great passion.

But in the school got Johnny Depp new problems. In high school he was not well, he was bored and did not want to be like the other students adjust. In addition, he made time and again to create family difficulties and also with the teachers there were constant clashes. His grief was reflected in self-injurious behavior in alcohol and drug use. Johnny Depp was branded an outsider, but in a matter itself was now sure he wanted to be a guitarist and rock musician, because here it just felt good.

Johnny Depp: "I had a lot of anger and sadness in me"

When Johnny Depp was 15 years old, his parents divorced and he decided a short time later, his own way to go in life. He broke out of high school to become a rock musician and to realize his dream. After some major appearances Johnny Depp went with his band at the age of 21 years to Los Angeles, there to earn big money and become famous. But in Hollywood, the competition was enormous, because many musicians were here the success. The deals on the young rock band stayed away soon and the money was running out. Johnny Depp was now forced to take part-time jobs in order to stay afloat can.

Johnny Depp: "I was looking for a job in order to pay my rent can"

Johnny Depp was now working as a gas station attendant, as a construction worker or as an employee in a call center. One day he met through friends known to the actor Nicolas Cage, who persuaded him to join an audition for acting. Johnny Depp at first thought it was a joke, but Nicolas Cage had been so confident in him that he wanted to try it. In fact, he was able to get first minor supporting roles, for Johnny Depp is a welcome opportunity to earn a little money. At the age of 24 years but suddenly he came with the TV series "21 Jump Street" the big breakthrough as an actor. His musical career he presented from now on at the rear in order to now fully focus on his new acting career can.

Johnny Depp: "I had debts. I'm doing this for once a while "

Johnny Depp got now by his exceptional talent always better roles offered and he rose to a very sought-after actors in Hollywood. However, he chose his films very carefully, making sure in what figures he could empathize very well. When he got an offer of a day to participate in a pirate movie, he had a very wayward interpretation of his role. Those responsible were shocked by the first test shots and Johnny Depp was already shortly before his expulsion. And he would not change his idiosyncratic view and prevailed ultimately. The "Walt Disney Company" was taking a significant risk, but they produced the pirate movie and brought him in 2003 in the cinemas.

Johnny Depp: "I felt I was always attracted to the absurd"

The film "Pirates of the Caribbean" was an incredible success and Johnny Depp thus succeeded the final breakthrough to international superstar. He played the role of the pirate Jack Sparrow so freaky and original that he has received numerous awards for its exceptional acting performance.

Johnny Depp could be since childhood not bend by the Company. He went his own way, even if it was often very difficult. He rejected many scripts from despite high salaries and made films, which could also be difficult to market and sell. But he remained always faithful to its line and this was the secret of his success. It made him a unique actor and a role model for many people to believe in their own values ​​and goals.

Johnny Depp: "I have never felt like I was part of the amount. All wear and talk the same. There are only very few real types "