Temple Grandin: "I was a lot calmer. I was addicted to this feeling "

Temple Grandin: "I was a lot calmer. I was addicted to this feeling "
Temple Grandin was born August 29, 1947 in Boston (USA) and was already as a child uncontrolled behavioral problems. Since they could not speak until the age of four years, they kept the doctors for brain-damaged and advised parents to hand it into a home. While the father would her daughter sent away the same, it was the mother who was fighting for Temple Grandin. She held to h daughter because she had occasionally noticed that her child was in spite of their disability intelligence and wisdom. Temple Grandin suffered from autism, a serious perception and information processing disorder in the brain.

Temple Grandin: "The diagnosis of autism at that time knew very few doctors. They thought I was brain-damaged "

Temple Grandin has now looked after by a nanny and a speech therapist, and the little girl went by significant progress. As Temple Grandin could only think visually and in pictures because of their disability, they had to relearn their vocabulary as a foreign language. With difficulty he acquired such an ability to speak to and managed by being able to go to school. But at school, they were represented by their panic attacks immediately outsider. Temple Grandin was socially ostracized and ridiculed by the other students. Despite all the inconveniences they kept fighting and managed to successfully graduate from high school. But one day there was a defining moment in her life when she was watching cattle on a ranch.

Temple Grandin: "The other children have teased me because I always repeated everything. I translate everything I hear and read, in images and in color movies with sound "

While a large vaccination the cattle were loaded into a pressing machine, so they could not move. Temple Grandin was amazed at the behavior of the animals, because they reacted anything but panic but remained perfectly calm. The cattle simply felt safe in this device and showed no fear at all. Temple Grandin, who could not stand by their autism when someone touched him, also longed for a "hug" and had an unusual idea. Now you built in the same way a "touch machine" by and it actually worked. Due to external pressure, hhe managed to relax and largely control their rage and panic attacks.

Temple Grandin: "I was a lot calmer. I was addicted to this feeling "

Through this experience, Temple Grandin developed a special bond with the animals. They believed that the panicky reactions of the cattle were often due to the fact that the animals also covered in pictures, just like them as autistic. Temple Grandin now began to study and to explore ranchers and cattle slaughterhouses, where they arrived at an unbelievable result. She noted that cattle in many things irrepressibly responded that they do not perceived as a human being. Whether this shiny chains, shadows and dark areas, or simply was just a jacket, which hung over a fence. Due to their exceptional grasp Temple Grandin developed new systems in order to allow the animals a better life. New equipment for livestock have now been redesigned so that the animals' behavior actually changed for the better. As a result, the number of accidents between humans and animals declined dramatically, which was statistically proven.

Temple Grandin: "We need to provide a decent life to the animals. In my facilities, there is no fear, no panic "

Temple Grandin became a pioneer in the research and development of modern animal husbandry systems. She fought successfully against veterinarians and researchers who did not believe that the animals were able to develop feelings. But by their new findings convinced even the greatest critics that animals had the same basic emotions as humans, such as anger or fear. Temple Grandin made their disability and their greatest weakness to their advantage most powerful and could thus see the world as animals also did so. Due to their special gift they revolutionized the entire livestock and was also chosen by "Time Magazine" one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Temple Grandin: "Autism is what makes me. It gives me an enormous amount of fun to solve problems, I have found my place "