The story of the most faithful cat in the world

Bowen with his cat
James Bowen with his angel cat
Life did not mean well to James Bowen, who was born on March 15, 1979 in Surrey, England. When he was a child, he had to cope not only with his parents' divorce, but also with a reluctant move to Australia. Here he lived with his mother and his stepfather, but he had a hard time in his new home. As the family changed frequently, it was difficult for James Bowen to find new friends in the changing schools. As a result, he was always an outsider and was often harassed by his classmates, which is why he could not build any social ties. At the age of eighteen he returned to his home in London, where he met his half-sister. But this agreement did not last long, and James Bowen finally landed on the road.

Homelessness made James Bowen very unhappy. He began taking drugs to escape the reality of his miserable life. On the cold floors of downtown London he tried to earn a little money with his guitar as a street musician. For most people, he no longer existed, James Bowen had completely lost his courage to live. Without restraint in life, he was now trapped in an unfeeling world where everything revolves around his drug addiction and daily struggle for food. After an eternally long wait, James Bowen received a small social apartment, which was his only small light. With the little money he earned as a street musician, he continued to satisfy his drug addiction, which was the only meaning in his life.
James Bowen: "I had no hope, lived in the shadow"
One day James Bowen came home tired and tired when he suddenly discovered a neglected red cat in the house gang. He noticed that the cat was heavily emaciated and had a leg injury. James Bowen regretted the cat and took her to his home. He gave her food and brought her to the animal protection association where the animal was being treated. With his last money, he had to buy an antibiotic for the cat, which was vital. While the cat slowly recovered, James Bowen tried to find the owner of the animal, but without success. When the cat was nursed and back in strength, he released her into freedom again. But no matter how much effort he had, the cat did not leave his side. Time and time again, she returned to the apartment and even followed him to work as a street musician. James Bowen took the cat now, and called it Bob.

When James Bowen was back on the street and started playing the guitar, something odd happened. Diesel people, who had not yet gazed at the musician before, stopped unexpectedly and listened to his sounds. Responsible for this was Bob, the cat, who had a magical attraction to the passers-by. People loved the unequal pair, and the revenues of James Bowen rose day by day. He also added little gags to the cat, with a kind of amusing hand against the paw, they stormed the hearts of the people in a storm. Bob soon became an absolute favorite, and fans were already given cat food, toys and small knitted scarves.
James Bowen: "With Bob, people have also noticed me"
The life of James Bowen began to change gradually. By Bob, he had a regular schedule again and he was really needed for the first time. Through the love and affection of the cat he managed the difficult drug removal and took responsibility for his life again. Shockingly, videos of him and his faithful cat spread on the Internet, thousands of followers were enthusiastic about this touching friendship. James Bowen also wrote a book about his poignant story with his cat Bob, which became an incredible bestseller worldwide.

James Bowen rescued a downtrodden and wounded cat. He thanked her with unconditional love and affection. He managed not only to overcome his drug addiction, but also to get his entire life under control again. The story of the drug-addicted street musician James Bowen and the cat Bob showed people that real friendship could also overcome the greatest obstacles.