Light Of A Candle


What is the meaning of a candle in life? Perhaps this too is questionable. Therefore, the candle is only a small object. Its usefulness will only appear when the electric lights in your home goes out. But, the candle is light. And light is a material. The converse is dark. The latter is not material. He has no power. He is a light vacuum state. Therefore, though small, candle can always repel the dark.

story inspiring story. Letting God guide with light, straying as dark. This implies, the troops did not have the slightest power straying in front of the light troops. He was present when the forces of light disappears. Throughout history, mankind might be straying when good people stop fighting.

Here implied a struggle of mankind. That dark sky that surrounds our lives, actually can come out easily, if we want to light a candle of life back. Stop following the darkness. because the darkness has no form and helpless. We do not need to call the sun to get rid of. Nor month.

Nothing could be resolved with a curse. Just as useless, wailing in front of a disaster. Disaster, ignorance, defeat the now rampant throughout our world, you do not need to respond with condemnation or lament. Because the action was not indicate a negative attitude in the face of reality. "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".

The attitude of humanity requires us to create a balanced presence in the presence of the phenomenon of ignorance in this life stage. It may not be resolved in an instant. But the mental attitude of faith most minimal, which should be engraved in our souls, is to remove the desire to surrender or escape reality. The fact that most bad though, should not exceed the capacity of the soul and our faith to deal with it.

Here there is a great teaching. That it is time to discard the tendency to underestimate our potential. When we present something good, though very small, then we have to raise our souls to expect adequate results. For a small charity that, as long as he is good, then it will continue to encourage us to do a larger charity. Ibn al-Qayyim said, good sunnah, will bring the perpetrators do 'brothers' sunnah itself.

Finally, close your eyes and light a candle, and then: "Say, has come the truth. Indeed falsehood was bound to vanish ". (Holy Quran)