Bruce Willis: "When I came on the scene, I ceased to stutter"

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955 in Idar-Oberstein (southwestern Germany). His father was an American soldier who was stationed in Germany and fell in love with a German woman. After two years the father had but returned to his homeland, and so the whole family moved to New Jersey (State, Eastern USA). However, the new beginning was in a foreign country for Bruce and his mother far from easy.

The people did not accept at the beginning of the mother, as she was a German. They hung signs on the front door with the inscription "Nazi Go Home" and treated her like a leper. Especially Bruce had to suffer in school when the other students learned that his mother came from Germany. He was beaten and often came with shredded shirt back home. In addition, Bruce suffered from a serious speech impediment and thus became the classic victims of teasing and meanness.

Bruce Willis: "I stuttered terribly. It was a painful thing, inwardly I was startled by the fact that I could not get rid of it "

As an important refuge, the Acting emerged and Bruce began to participate in the school for theater performances. Here he felt comfortable and it was the same for him an important therapy, because on stage he heard actually on stuttering. His passion was the theater now, here he felt free and carefree. But in real life he now tried theater and his sense of humor to cover up the speech disorder. Bruce Willis successfully completed high school, and he also had the stuttering can successfully eliminate at the end of the school year by the acting.

Bruce Willis: "When I came on the scene, I ceased to stutter"

After high school, he participated in various odd jobs to earn money. He was a truck driver or as a security guard at a nuclear power plant in New Jersey worked. Over time, however, he realized that something important was missing him in his life, namely the acting. And so joined Bruce Willis in the Montclair State College to take acting lessons. Besides, he had to accept inferior jobs continue to be able to earn a living can. After a short time he broke the College from however, and moved to New York in order to advance in the famous theater district (Broadway) his career as an actor. Bruce Willis again took acting lessons and tried in numerous auditions to get rolling, but to no avail. Since he had no money and life in New York was expensive, he took a job as a bartender to come somehow to make ends meet.

Bruce Willis fought hard and believed in his talent as an actor, he attended diligently Castings and could soon get hold of first small theater roles. Through his extraordinary talent significant agents were quickly noticed him and he got with the times always offered more leading roles on Broadway one now knew the name of Bruce Willis. During the 1984 Summer Olympics in California he stayed for some time in Los Angeles, to watch the games there. However, his agent sent him soon to auditions for several television programs, to see if Bruce Willis was adapted for television. But this looked really just as a theater actor.

Bruce Willis: "I thought, okay, I'm just a little TV"

In an important casting Bruce Willis could actually prevail over 3,000 other competitors and landed at the age of 30 years, his first major starring role in the US TV series "Moonlighting". The talented Bruce Willis was soon the absolute star of the show and received for his performance in this series the "Emmy" and the "Golden Globe" for best actor. But in his next major role it should create in 1988 his international breakthrough. While some already established actors rejected this starring role, Bruce Willis recognized the potential of this film. With "Die Hard", he catapulted himself with a blow to the absolute superstar among the actors. Soon further followed by films like "Pulp Fiction," "12 Monkeys", "Armageddon" or "Unbreakable", which made him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. His secret passion was still the theater where he meanwhile occurred repeatedly ,

Bruce Willis was beaten at school and had to leave early to learn to defend themselves. Due to a speech impediment he did not really have a chance in life, but with his strong will, he removed all obstacles. He dreamed of a career as an actor and was also suitable for low-quality part-time jobs or for smaller supporting roles never too bad. He got through this exemplary attitude to the most famous and popular actors in the industry and showed that you can achieve in life with a big dose of purpose very much.

Bruce Willis: "I want people to feel entertained just in my films, Just forget their troubles at work or in the family"