It Is Natural Tobe Fear

islamic war

Written by; Tegar Sahidi. Mutah war, a war which is in the ratio will not make them optimistic especially confident with the promised victory. Just imagine, the number of Roman troops gathered on that day more than 200,000 soldiers, complete with armor mighty banners of silk, mighty weapons, and the horses are also ready to be driven.

Abu Hurayrah testify to this war. "I watched Mu'tah War. When we were close to the idolaters. We saw the sights unequaled. The number of troops and weapons, horses and silk, gold also. So dazzled my eyes, "said Abu Hurayrah.

Before you see it, forces the friends that only 3,000 people of faith, had heard about the magnitude of the opposing force. To the extent that they apply for a variety of opinions, to think of a way out. Some argue that Islamic forces sent a letter to the Prophet, reported the number of enemies encountered and expect shipment reinforcements again. Lots of proposals that arise, until then 'Abdullah Ibn Rawahah been appointed as the first commander said in front of the troops.

"By God, what are you afraid of? Indeed, what you fear is the reason you came out of the door of the house, which died as a martyr in the path of Allah. We fight them not because of the numbers, not because of its strength. Go forth to war, because there are only two possibilities as good, win or martyrdom! "

War speech short, but very thrilling. As we know in history, before leaving the Prophet told the troops. If Zaid bin Haritha affected, then commander will be submitted to Ja'far ibn Abi Talib. And if Ja'far ibn Abi Talib was also affected, then Abdullah Ibn Rawahah are replacing.

Glory be to God with all His signs. The words of the Prophet proved true, as one of the signs of God. Zaid bin Haritha killed in this war. Then the banner of the Prophet held by Ja'far ibn Abi Talib. Commander of the army's Muslims riding blond, fought valiantly. In the midst of battle he sang:

O nearby paradise

Fragrant and cold drink

The Romans had been close to azabnya

They are infidels and far from their nasab

If met, I had to kill him

In a war situation, there are really no choice at all. Being killed or be the survivor. Then of course humming Ja'far ra reads as follows. Ja'far right hand cut off due to cutting with the sword while defending the banner of forces. Now the left hand holds. His left hand was cut off also by blow. So that the banner of Islam held by the left upper arm until Ja'far destined to meet his death.

Ibn Umar testified, "I had observed that Ja'far body lying on that day. I counted 50 stab wounds and the blade of the sword are all there on the front and none of the injuries were in the back. "May Allah reward him with wings who would make it fly wherever he likes.

Now comes the turn of Abdullah ibn Rawahah forward to take responsibility, to lead the troops and raised the banner of Islam. There is anxiety in heart and mind, hence Ibn Rawahah pumping own courage in his heart:

I swear, O my soul, come down!

You have to go down or you will be forced

When man excited and noiseless

Why do I see reluctant to heaven

In the words of his poems in the middle of the game, illustrated that there is turmoil in the soul of Abdullah ibn Rawahah. Of course, only God is Knowing. Moreover, two best friends, have gone before. Saw two bodies noble friend, Abdullah ibn Rawahah back said:

O my soul

If not killed you too must die

This is the fate you've faced

If you end up like them both

That means you get guidance

Then later, Abdullah Ibn Rawahah also met with martyrdom. It is the story of the war. But the real wisdom and exemplary in it, useful in all the events of life. In war, there is an attitude that can not be hidden. Brave, fear, worry and confusion, clever and resourceful, or those who have avoided. All visible. Nothing can be hidden!

Fear, worry and confusion, it is natural feeling that comes from nature. In a period of life, we often feel. Even so, nor the reason we shy away from something that we must conquer fear, worry and upset that more wins. Then we are looking for an excuse to call the pretext of strategy and smart step. Get down to gore, or others.

Mountains to climb, to cross the seas and oceans, valleys and canyons to explore. Conquered the challenges of life should not be avoided. And the purpose of our lives as a Muslim is to uphold the truth and spread goodness.

Do good and prevent humans from evils, must be done, no matter how bitter reply will be obtained. Fear, worry and confusion will always come. But too many times we should be able to beat them and said to myself. Re emulate what the companion Abdullah Ibn Rawahah with stout hearts and minds on, "Are you reluctant to favor the Most High God ?!" Only Allah The Mercyfull God knows.