Every Father Is The Greatest Man For Their Children

Every Father Is The Greatest Man For Their Children.

This story was sent by Esa Alamsari and became one of the additional winners in the Competition Acts I and my Father. Hope this simply story can be an inspiration for you, because every father always strive to provide the best for their children.

My name Esa Alamsari Dynasti from Indonesia. I am just an ordinary woman, maybe just like you. I am an employee, a wife and a first daughter in my family. I have only one sister and brother.

For me, the father is a guardian angel, Super Dad, or any other great title. To be sure, the father is a person who always protect me, my mom and my sister.

When I was a child, I felt strange in a way of my father to educate me. I do not know why, maybe it's just a part of children's thinking. At that moment I felt my father educate me so hard, not physically, because my father never hit me. He hard as always to set the targets. Usually father not deliver it directly, but delivered through small talk or advice.

Absolutely the main a problem is education. No bargaining for school problems. I was taught to discipline, attendance in school at least half an hour before the entry. Home from school, eat, rest, then do homework. If there is no homework, at least I have to repeat what had been taught in school.

When the examination, My father always be the most decisive mentor for math. We often argue about the method of solving mathematical problems because of the way of him sometimes do not fit the way of the school teaches. Father always gave me count the ways to solve a problem quickly. But I always wanted to work in a way that is given at school. We often fight for trivial things like that. I had more or less the same properties with the father. Equally hard, high ego.

When I asked for something and he can not buy, I never dared to argue, I never sulk or threatened him. My father was also not the type who likes to praise his chlidren's success. When I got a rank one in elementary school from grade one to grade six, not a compliment that I can, but the advice to keep learning and are not swayed by my achievement. Maybe that's what makes me always excel. Until junior high and high school, although no longer rank one, I always get a minimum rank the top five.

From Supervisor Position, My father Being Sales Cosmetics Because fired from his work place

Around 1998, my father was fired. Since then, our lives changed. We must live with not enough money. When I was only 11 years old and my sister a new 2 years. Since being fired from his job, my father worked erratic, ranging into candy sales, sales of paper and anything that can make money, even the father to be a seller of cosmetics. It used to be the father of a supervisor who oversees some people, but after being fired, he had to walk around the village carrying a large bag to offer cosmetic around the credit payment system.

It feels sad to remind it, but my father was so strong in that time. Could it be that in the heart there is a sense of shame when he had to meet up with his friends? Nothing, that I was never feel embarrassed to my father.

Father also teaches us to live independently. Do not rely on others. Because humans are often disappointing for others.

Many memorable stories together with my father I will never forget. There are two stories that still makes me cry and glazed. First, when I was an undergraduate session, I do not have a computer / laptop. Yet at the hearing, all students are required to bring laptop. Finally, I borrowed my friend's computer from the office and father who helped lift the CPU. Eventually I graduated thanks to the struggle.

Secondly, when I had training in Jakarta as a condition of entry in one of the company are quite great. When it had to carry a lot of equipment in a large suitcase. I and the father  go to the office where the training was. Father carrying large and heavy suitcase that belonged to me. Father never complained. Even Dad asked me jokingly to laugh.

Now I am married and live separately from my parents, even though we are still in the same city. One thing I always missed, especially in times of fatigue life approach is a long talk with my dad, We used to joke about a lot of things that end in loud laughter. We often discuss things, also advice about life and living.

"Dad, thank you for all the love and advice. Thank you for the education that makes strong, now I can face anything. I'm sorry, perhaps I often disappoint you. If I may say one sentence to the you, I am proud to be your son. I love you dady, "

Photo By; Esa Dynasti Alamsari Doc