The palm tree with the heavy load

The palm with the heavy load

An old Bedouin (nomadic descendant) was sick and doubted the meaning of life. One day he came to an oasis, a small palm tree. Frustrated and depressed as he was, he took a thick chunk of stone and laid it against the palm of the palm tree, and thought harshly: "Let her see how she can cope with it."

The young palm tried to throw off the load. She rocked in the wind and shook her young fronds. But all the effort was in vain. The load was getting heavier, but she did not want to give up.

So she began to grow deeper and firmer in the ground to become stronger and stronger. And really: your roots reached new water veins. The power of the water from the depths and the sun from the sky made it an extraordinarily strong palm, which could also carry the stone in the growth.

After many years the old Bedouin came back, he wanted to see the now crippled tree. He looked for her, but he did not find her. Then he saw a particularly tall palm, much larger than all the other palm trees, and in the crown she bore the stone.

And as she leaned in the wind, she seemed to say to him, "I must thank you! The burden has allowed me to grow beyond my weakness. "Behind every problem are often hidden solutions and opportunities that we just need to recognize and perceive in order to grow!