The island of feelings

The island of feelings

Once upon a time there was an island where all kinds of feelings and qualities of the people lived. One day the surprising news came that the island was threatened with destruction and that it would soon be destroyed. Immediately, all sentiments made their ships start to leave the island. Only the ship of love was just not seaworthy, so she had to stay on the island for the time being. When the island began to sink, love shouted the other feelings for help.

The wealth was close by with his luxury ship. Love asked him: "Wealth, can you help me?" The wealth only replied: "No, because I have too much money and gold on my ship, so I have no place for you."

Love then asked the arrogance for help, which also passed by with his beautiful boat. "I can not help you. You could spot or damage my ship."

When the sadness did not go far, love asked: "Sadness, let me go with you!" The island was already near its end. "Oooh... love, I'm so sad, I'd better stay alone and without accompany."

Happiness and a good mood simply continued. They were so happy and in a good mood that they could not even hear the help of love.

And suddenly, love heard a voice: "Come on my ship! I'll take you with you. "Love was so happy and content that it had not asked for the name of her savior.

After a few days, love asked: "Can you tell me who helped me?"

"Yes," answered the knowledge, "it was the time."

"The time? Asked the love baffled, "but why did the time saved me?"

The knowledge smiled and answered love: "Because only time can understand the importance of love in life..."