Nick Struck - The singing policeman comforting the little girl

Nick Struck - The singing policeman comforting the little girl
Nick Struck - Photo: Jessica Matrious
The police of Brighton (Colorado) is called to a traffic accident. Nick Struck and his colleagues has on site a terrible picture. A family man is off the road and has overturned by car several times. All vehicle occupants are thereby thrown with full force from the vehicle and are now scattered on a field, two adults and four children.

Nick Struck: "When you hear that children are involved, which is like a punch in the stomach"

Miraculously survived this terrible accident unharmed a 2-year-old girl. The other family members who are less fortunate. The father dies before the arrival of the emergency services, the other members are partly seriously injured. In the midst of this confusion, Nick Struck grabs the terrified girl to comfort it.

Nick Struck: "Children are so innocent. One can see in her eyes that she did not know what to do or what ever is going on "

Touching Nick Struck care of the child and tries to calm it. To distract it from the terrible scenes of the cop begins that nursery rhyme "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to sing. While his colleagues recover the body of his father and bring the seriously injured to the hospital, Nick Struck creates for the girl temporarily a better world.

The image of the police with the girl on his arm goes around the world. During the chaos behind them by car wreck and the injured, Nick Struck directs the troubled girl from the terrible accident. He is believed to protect against a severe emotional damage, so it is with this heart-warming indeed a true hero.

Nick Struck: "My role is to protect the little girl"