Gabi Man - The unique friendship with crows

Gabi Man - The unique friendship with crows
As a little girl, the little man Gabi from Seattle (USA) lose from time to time small bits of food from their snacks in the garden. In young children, this is quite possible, but this time they are not leftovers remain unnoticed. Because the crows in the neighborhood falls on that and they begin to eat these leftovers.

Gabi is enthusiastic about it and feeds the birds on. On the way to the school bus she shares her snack of bread with them or collect nuts for the crows. It develops a real ritual between her and the birds. While Gabi filled the bird bath in the garden with fresh water, already the crows gather on the power lines to wait for their feeding. But then something unexpected happens.

Suddenly first shiny gifts appear in the garden. Glass beads, buttons, screws, jewelry and much more. The crows actually start, to thank for the feeding of Gabi with these donations. Crows are social and loyal birds and remember very well who they are treated well. And when they have a real girlfriend Gabi found.

Gabi preserves the gifts of crows on in a box, it means you everything in the world. Even science has been interested in this case because this relationship between man and bird is truly unique. A friendship that is actually possible, if confidence and warmth is the basis for this.

Gabi Mann: "These things are like in return. It shows me how much they love me "