Perfectionism and its consequences

Perfectionism and its consequences
Do you really want to be perfect? look perfect, be perfect successfully perform a perfect relationship? How much energy you lose by this urge and often unconsciously imposed compulsory for yourself? Perfectionism and its consequences make us all always not satisfied to be happy. Perhaps you also uses this little inspiration to let off to be yourself! Because no matter how, just as you are, you can be perfect for you!

How do you define for yourself and your body perfection? Is it your ideals encourage you to pay attention to your balanced diet and your movement? Or you can you even unconsciously dictate of advertising and external influences, what it means to achieve the perfect body and health or hold? not beasts there an awful lot of energy, having to constantly deal with it? Similarly in the vocational track. Hitting times old school friends, distant relatives or old friends, often comes the question: "And what has become of you so what you have achieved so?"

The answers vary between, my family, my house, my car and my job. Who is really proud of himself and his life. But let's be honest, many of us have anything really befriended their way and their lives as. It is cheating, laminated and brought the fa├žade shine. Must it really be so? Why do not we are to what we really are? Perfection 2.0 in the digital age, cheats us by sugarcoated photos and travelogues the success of our virtual friends. And because we measure it? The main thing there is the necessary Likes and appreciative comments. I also have in my virtual friends list no farmer or cleaning personnel. Too bad, because I really think that they could inform their everyday impressions very happy on their way.

But probably they have it no time, since they prefer to spend it with really important things. making namely from the supposedly imperfect sustainable thing is for the community very beneficial. And what to think of them if they are after a long time asks "And what has become of you so?" If you really think oh god that has managed only the cleaning lady. but oh Or a peasant who could sometimes operate more marketing, and make much more off. I think you should always know the stories behind the people in order to really make a judgment. Facades shine. And they radiate success and happiness. But the reality is simply a Other. The Deutsche Bank building shine from the outside also, and seething inside and kriselt it. Who can hide, will eventually have to deal with the crumbling Fassede. So what is perfect for you? Is there this condition? Or is it more of a sense? A sense if it is consistent, round and simply feels good?

If you know that you did your best? If you know that you can possibly get even more from your ways, and you must make your decisions? How often do you use in everyday life the word "Perfect"? True, much seems to be perfect at first. Such moments then simply times to accept to feel the inner joy and times not to question what could be topped. That would be perfect. Or? But what are the consequences if we constantly chase up the urge for absolute perfection? Firstly, we will go with a certain dissatisfaction through life. Envy, jealousy and feeling of imperfection will meet on the edges of life. For this purpose, fears that are evident in many facets join. But even serious diseases can in the course of forming, depression and other mental disorders included. And precisely in this respect, it is worthwhile to look at his own ego times exactly.

The way from perfection and toward the simple I-ness. Could this be a way? He stresses, at least much less and yet proves to be a factor for a happy and harmonious life. Yourself perceive this, be careful with it and define its objectives. This is a constructive and instructive, consistently and successfully. Many coaches and therapists accompany more and more people (again) to find itself. What was still considered a few years ago as a crazy, now finding its way into the everyday life at management level. Burnout and Co. will now be considered by others. Get out of the perfect Erfolgsrun toward greater mindfulness and Individalismus. Maybe we should often times talk to the people who exercise everyday work for the benefit of society. Because they may not have the perfect body, the perfect professional and not the perfect balance. But we can learn from them, what we are and what to do in live, and to provide our positven contribution to society. That the point is.