People should be proud of all honest work

Sean Connery

Sean Connery was born on 25 August 1930 in Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland) and grew up in poverty. His father worked as a truck driver and his mother as a charwoman. In times of great economic crisis, many families lived below the poverty line, as well as the family Connery. Unemployment was very high and wages are very low. Even as a child threw Sean Connery therefore the school to help his parents with small-time jobs. So he delivered with its own horse-drawn carts of milk to make a little money. His family had to depend strongly on this additional income.

Sean Connery: "It's bad if people want to work but can not find jobs. People should be proud of all honest work "

At the age of 16 years Sean Connery joined the Royal Navy (Navy) in order to build up a new life in difficult times. But after a short time he was released on medical parole again, as he was suffering from a duodenal ulcer. Now he had to take odd jobs to get make ends again. He again worked as a milkman, a backhoe operator or as a furniture polisher. By the way, he began to pursue bodybuilding and lifting weights. He was soon engaged for some promotional shots through his toned body and therefore, he began to operate these weight training even more. Sean Connery was very ambitious, he was not only Scottish champion in bodybuilding, but he also managed the "Mister Universe" competition sensational third place.

Due to its success as a bodybuilder and his better known, he received offers for musical and theater roles. Sean Connery as discovered his love for acting and he decided to do everything possible to someday become a successful actor. He began to devour books in rows, because he was of the opinion that intelligent people could not play when you were ignorant. Sean Connery starred in the near future in many different films, mostly however, he had to play only minor roles. The profitable film offers did not materialize, however, until one day he heard of a film series about a secret agent, where a suitable performer was sought.

The writer Ian Fleming had created a popular series of novels with the hero James Bond, which should now be made into a film. The filmmakers set out on the search for a qualified actor, favorite for the role of secreted but for different reasons. Suddenly they came upon the unknown Sean Connery, could score which trained through his body and his extraordinary charisma. However, the creator Ian Fleming was not convinced by this choice, because he had a completely different idea of ​​its main character. He was looking for a classy and sophisticated performer, not by a rustic Scots. But Sean Connery could still convince the producer of himself with his immense charm and was able to get this important commitment.

Sean Connery: "At that time many people were of the opinion, Bond is bad and wrong staffed with me"

When the movie "James Bond - 007 Dr. No" on 05 October 1962, in the cinema for the first time, amazed the audience about the performance of a relatively unknown Scottish actor. A native of squalor Sean Connery played the super agent James Bond style so sure he could convince even the harshest critics of his acting talent. The film was a real blockbuster and Sean Connery rose overnight to a real world star. By James Bond he made his big break and laid the foundation for an outstanding career as a film actor.

Although he never had acting lessons, Sean Connery was one of the most famous actors in the world. Not only by his extraordinary portrayal of James Bond, he was among the people so popular, but by the fact that he had everything worked out even hard. It began in his childhood, where he had to deliver a poor boy milk milk until his tireless struggle, eventually to become a successful actor. He showed the people that it was not decisive in what circumstances you came. All that mattered was the fact always to believe in his chances and to work with great desire it.

Sean Connery: "To fate I do not really. I believe in hard work and to keep your eyes open for suitable opportunities "